Drawing Attention – Capture

First off, sorry about the two posts in one day. It’s annoying to be flooded by over-posters. Here’s the second part of the last story “Drawing Attention”. I started applying color to my drawing. Within five minutes I get this strong odor of what smelled like bleach. I got my camera out and turned on the EMF and DVR. Something was going to happen. I waited a few minutes and went back to what I was doing. Then the EMF reader light flashed but didn’t beep. I grabbed the camera and then BAM, it’s beeping and flashing. I’m taking pictures all around me. After that I get an epiphany (a moment of sudden revelation or insight) I need a faster camera and a video cam! I did take video the other night but it played back really grainy and killed my battery in 20 minutes. Unless that’s normal. It was a $300 camera in 2008. My tablet does video, I could try that.

But here are the few photo’s that didn’t turn out blurry from me waving the camera around flashing it. I did get the EMF reader going off. Nothing showed up in the photo’s I took around me. That’s pretty normal, rarely do I get a picture of anything. Also, I was paying more attention to all my new toys sitting around me. After putting the colors on my new drawing I realized it was one of the practice copies I made so I don’t screw up the original. That was 4 hours of thinking I’m almost done and now I have to do it again. Lastly, the DVR was too close to the air conditioner. It’s nothing but the sound of a motor running.

#1. the EMF Reader going off.


#2 my front right


#3 my left front


#4 directly left of me where Male #1 makes his presence. at the bottom of the picture, the white paper. That’s the original drawing I mixed up with the copies.



Drawing Attention

Something about sitting at my drawing table feels like it attracts a presence. While I’m drawing, my small crowd gathers. I thought this would be a good place to set my new devices. My old camera records video but it has to be set up each time and doesn’t record long even with a 64gb flash drive and a new battery. The EMF reader does pick up electrical fields. I’ve walked around the house and put it to outlets, ceiling fans and the air conditioners. It does work. The digital voice recorder picks up everything. Just the few minutes I had it running it was difficult to distinguish background noises with body movements.

The EMF reader has been on my desk for a few days. On Wednesday evening I checked everything around my table to see if it put off a reading. Both lamps, which are the closes, didn’t pick up anything. I set the meter down and forgot to turn it off. A few minutes into trying out colors on a drawing the meter flickered. It was two small lights and beeps. They weren’t chattering and I’m pretty sure it was the first male, the older man. As usual he took his spot on my left side. On Thursday, my day off, I tried it again. A few minutes into the drawing and the EMF flickered. This was around 11am, the night before it was in the evening around 7pm. There’s no set time. Saturday afternoon around 2:30ish I set it up again. Nothing was going on the entire time. That was good because I was concentrating and got things done. I sat back to see if that’s what I wanted. Staring at the picture, instantly to the right directly in front of me a transparent wave of air about 5′ up. The EMF makes one loud solid beep and the light turns full glowing red. I sat and watched for a moment. Nothing.

Today I’m going to complete a drawing. Everything will be set up and waiting.

Drawing Attention


I thought Ghost Hunting was theatrical. The shows and videos I’ve watched made it seem like it’s easy to find something anywhere and only late at night. Some even brought their religious system into it and some thought everything was evil or demonic. I’ve never experience anything evil, religious or benevolent at any specific time. I was scratched a few times. It felt more like an attention getter than anything wanting to hurt me. One thing all these shows have in common are a few tools. Just to see for myself if there’s any validity the gear they carry I picked up a few items. They arrived this morning (thanks UPS for waking me up on my day off) and I was laughing at my purchase while opening the boxes. One is a Digital Voice Recorder, the other is an EMF reader. I don’t expect anything to come from these that’s out of the ordinary. At least  I can find another use for the DVR.