seeing a thought

I’ve said several times that Michael J Fox enters my mind every so often. I just clicked a browser tab on Google Chrome and in a brief flash it said something about him. It went to fast for me to catch it but the name stuck out.




story of life

A few years ago I read about a homeless lady in Columbus who had been raped. They caught the guy and he thought he would get off because she would never show up to court. It turned out she walked 8 miles to the courthouse to be at the hearings which she testified and he was convicted. The Columbus Dispatch ran this article and there was a GO-FUND-ME set up. I was touched by this lady’s courage and strength and donated $50 to her funding account. Then I never heard anything about her after that. I knew she didn’t want to be identified and I even left a comment on her go-fund-me page several months ago asking if anyone has an update on her. No answer. This morning I got that answer.


I remember the watch for my birthday. On a Saturday. Popeye was on, the original ones. We went to the cinema. It was my day I don’t remember anything about.


2 hours later:   The movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I thought Veruca Salt was pretty. I found her youtube channel a few years ago, she does safari video’s. Her name is Julie something.


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The building

The building was dark today. The air felt low and heavy. A deep hum filled the halls. Everyone sat and stared outside, not a lot of conversation. They must know when things are about to happen, it’s in their souls. It grows inside, like a seventh sense. They’ve been around longer than me. They know things, I can see it. Something is about to happen.