Today was fairly nice out. That’s if you think 60 degrees in February is nice in Ohio. At work I pick up pastries and bread from Giant Eagle to give out to the residents. It makes a big mess in my vehicle which I like to keep clean. Today was clean out day. I keep a backpack with a change of cloths, phone charger, tooth brush, warm cloths, etc. just in case. When I unzipped it I saw the 3 year old deodorant stick was just a bone. I brought it in to refresh my supplies. This backpack sits on the floor behind the passenger seat, it hasn’t been touched in at least three years, maybe four. I pulled everything out and at the bottom I find a Quarter. It’s been there a while, it left an imprint.






I haven’t posted any “Quarters” in a while. They’re so random that nothing sticks out about finding them. Today my brother texts me at work about our Dad. I went up to the library at to get away from everyone and take a break. We went back and forth for a while. During one pause between texts a cold aroma of sweet flowers linger for a few seconds. I flashed my camera around the room, as usual nothing showed up and the pictures were blurry. The camera on my phone rarely takes pictures out of focus. This entire set of pictures are all blurred. After our text conversation that I thought was over, I got up to leave. Straightening the chairs back up before I  go, there’s a quarter right about where my foot was. I’m posting this one because We (my brother and myself) are talking about our Dad and mentioned our older brother, the fragrance of flowers made an appearance, then a quarter is found. The family reunited for a moment in time.



At work we will rehab a unit completely depending on the damages from the prior resident. Everything was completed, along with new carpeting. A lot of work was done and the cleaners had a big job cleaning up after everyone. I’ve walked all the subcontractors through before and after they’ve completed a job. The carpet layers were asked to vacuum after they were finished and I let them use ours. After the cleaners were done, they also ran the vacuum. I walked the unit several times while it sat empty waiting for the new resident to move in. She hadn’t seen this unit. We won’t show anyone anything until it’s market ready. She had walked through another unit to make her decision. Her paperwork was approved and she was set to move in on Tuesday. I did a final walk through Monday afternoon. In the back bedroom, in plain sight was a Quarter. No one had been in there but me after the cleaners and that was a few weeks ago.


That evening I got in from work. Inside the door I have a table I set everything on and empty my pockets out into a wooden tray. I go upstairs to change cloths. On top of my storage dresser that sets back in the corner with my T.V. on it, was another quarter. I rarely go near this corner and just the weekend before I wiped the dust off from who knows how many months.

2015-07-21 16.57.45