Calling Your Name

Today reminded me of something I use to do when I was in school. We were in a corporate meeting. I’m bored out of my mind and I finished chewing the pen cap into a knotted piece of plastic. I hate crowds and I always seem to choose a seat in the right back corner area. that’s the right side if you’re facing the front.

I started doing this around the 8th grade, when my neighborhood friends decided they didn’t want me in their crowd any more. I found out I could say their name in my mind, concentrating and staring at them. It never failed, they would turn and look directly at me as I just stared them down until they looked away. Except today, I made a coworker look back at me. Instead of staring her down I raise my eyebrows and made a “what?” face. She looked away like I was a creep. It was cool I could still do that…