More Quarters

I went to the vending machines the other day. No Skittles and the Coke machine was empty, as usual. I spotted a quarter balanced on the edge of the coin return so I reached down and took it then went outside to the Pepsi machine. As I pushed the door open, one of the quarters fell out of my hand. I picked it up and put it into the slot of the Pepsi machine where it quickly dropped down to the change return. I pulled it out and looked to see if I had Canadian coins. I looked in my hand, my original 50₵ plus the quarter I found in the coke machine had turned into $1.25. 4 quarters, 2 dimes and a nickel. I’m acquiring quarters in 3’s now.

3’s and 25?

3’s and 75?

I’m not getting a connection…


quarters in 3s