a card I didn’t like

I don’t know what it is about cards lately. Here’s one that showed up in the area I’m working in. The other morning I found it laying inside the vacant area roped off from the rest of the building. Anyone can get in there but why drop a card there. This was a strange card, too. From the time I saw it felt like there was nothing good about it. This is a small card so I put a door key beside it for scale. A banana would have been too big. Even taking a picture of it I thought just having this on my phone was a bad omen. I didn’t even bring it home, I just left it. card_2The card site I refer to says a 9 of diamonds means there will be a loss of money. But it also says there will be a completion of something and something about the past. This is a very confusing card to have found at this time because of all the personal things going on. I didn’t even want to write about it because I would be acknowledging any association with it. This happened on Monday, two days ago. So far I’m not aware of anything changing.



Initials cubed

I was at the bank the other day and walking through the parking lot I found these two dice, cube things with letters on then. I thought they were out of place in a bank parking lot and I’ve never seen them before, so I picked them up. That was four days ago, an hour ago I started cleaning out my coat pockets so I could throw it in the washing machine. There were my glasses I was looking for and the cubes with other random crap I carry around. Everything was in a pile on the table and I noticed the letters facing up on the cubes. M G, these are my initials.