Front Doorsman

I came home early today. All I wanted to do was finish sleeping. As soon as I walked in I went to bed. Exactly at noon the Wednesday Noon sirens went off. I woke up around 2:30 ready to do something. I moved my furniture away from the baseboard heat for the winter. Rearranging my layout put the front door to my left instead of behind me. One of my computers is connected to the TV and this is where I sat. The first time I saw this my nerves alerted my body into intensity. Starting to stand up to defend myself, out of the left of my eyesight a man came rushing through the front door hallway. It was real enough to get a reaction out of me and very unexpected because of the  natural movement he made. Nothing was there. Laughing that I spooked myself, I went into a quiet afternoon haze watching documentaries online. Then it happened again. The exact same movement in the hall coming right at me. This was too real and for the second time my heart was racing. It’s been several hours since the last time I’ve seen this. I hope to catch this in a photo…



Thursday, my day off. Knowing I can do or not do anything all day, I get up @ 4:30am for no reason. By 5:30am I’m hungry and if I’m fast enough I can run to the store before everyone gets out to go to work. I had a craving for waffles and eggs. I don’t even like eggs that much. The shelf stockers take the place of the aisle people, they take up the entire aisle. I bumped the pallet trying to squeeze through, I didn’t have to I just felt like hitting it with the cart. Being a blatant jackass is fun sometimes. I found a 6 pack of eggs, if that’s what they’re called. Eggo’s would do, too. To go all out I found real butter sold by the stick. I thought 6 eggs and a stick of butter was out dated. It was like I had discovered something new all over again.

The one open cashier line has three people already. I can never figure out why you would stand in line to buy a few items. There were 6 open self-checkout counters. I scan my three things then remember I don’t have syrup but I can see the aisle it’s in. I went total “Walmart Shopper” and left the counter, there wasn’t anyone else around. I wasn’t in Walmart either. I scan my stuff and go.

joker_rs  At home I get the frying pan on before unloading my bag. The computer gets turned on and I’m back to the kitchen to get started. Reaching in to start my morning feast I find a card in the bag, A Joker! I scanned and packed my own bags. No one was near the checkout counter when I went for the syrup. There was no human interaction the entire time (except hitting the pallet). The only thought I had was “What in the fu…”
I put it with my other cards that’s shown up here. None are from the same deck. I don’t know why it’s cards now. What do cards have to do with me? I’ve never played cards, I don’t like playing card games, I just don’t get the association with them and me and it’s only been during the time I’ve moved to my new place.


early morning visit

At 4:14 am I thought I had hit the night stand with my hand. I’ve done it before so I just moved away. At the same time I heard a female laugh, like a giggle. The T.V. was on but the sound was turned down to low to hear anything. Falling back to sleep I heard the female laugh like she was right next to me. My eyes opened just in time to see a figure in the mirror walking out the bedroom door beside me. I got up and as usual there wasn’t anything except a heavy smell of scented hand lotion, the real heavy thick smell like Jergens. Now that I’m up getting ready for work the odor is still here, even downstairs.


Email from Katrina J.

I grew up in Louisiana. Our town had a few shady characters. One was tied to a murder but he still ran free. Oscar would get drunk and bully everyone in town. Even when he was sober we still considered him an a-hole. He was just all bad. Once he drove by and glared at me. It was pure evil the way his eyes were all crazy.

I was walking home from school, the police and ambulance were in front of the property that led to our driveway. A tow truck went by with Oscar’s pick-up on the back. Tim, my neighbor down the street walked towards me. He told me someone shot Oscar point blank right between the eyes. He was parked in our driveway for some reason. His voice was upbeat and I also felt the relief of never having to cross paths with this maniac ever again.

One rainy night I was home watching my shows. The pounding rain was making me tired. I turned off the lights and T.V. as I fell asleep on the couch. The sound of the front door knob turning woke me. A push followed but the door was locked. I turned over to face the door to say hello to my parents who I thought were getting out the keys. A few minutes went by. The light drizzling rain made it hard to keep my eyes open. A shadow passed by the yard light and my eyes opened wide. I’m getting scared now. Frozen in fear I could only stare at the window. The curtains were wide open and I’m lit up by the light coming through. That’s when the shadowy figure of Oscar stood in front of the window. Was it Oscar? I’ve seen him enough to know what he looks like even in an outline. It was a figure I feared, but Oscar died. We locked eyes and I felt pure evil staring me down. I couldn’t move, what was I seeing? Someone playing a cruel joke? I know it was Oscar, I knew him, I knew what he looked like. Why was he here? Why was he killed sitting in our driveway?

Car lights coming up the driveway lit up the front of the house and the figure vanished. I jumped up and turned on all the lights but I couldn’t unlock the door. My parents let themselves in. I told them what just happeOscar2ned but they didn’t see anyone in the yard as they pulled up. They convinced me I was having a nightmare until the next morning. I stood outside of the front door looking around to see if there could be anything that resembled what I saw the night before. I turned to go back inside, that’s when I saw the foot prints in the mud right were Oscar stood watching me.

Ace in the Grass

It was raining when I got home this afternoon.aceofhearts My quickest route was going through the grass to the back door. Sitting in the car a few moments, the rain slowed a little so I made my break for it. I see the card as I step onto the patio but I walked over it not realizing what it really was. I sat my stuff down and went back out to pick it up. An Ace of Hearts. It’s from a different deck than the King of Cloves I found before.

My Phone – The Farmhouse

The company I worked for bought up a lot of property to develop. They purchased it in the late 80’s and rented out the few remaining homes that were left on it. The section we went to is ready to start bulldozing and an old farmhouse sat back behind some woods that’s slated to be torn down. We skipped out of work and went to see if there was anything valuable we could salvage. It’s been empty so long we passed the driveway twice because it was so overgrown. The driveway looked like an access trail to the fields. Using the company vehicle, we drove through the brush and came up on the house. There was definitely something about this place that had my attention. There was life to it after being abandoned so long. I get my phone out to get some pictures. It’s dead! My phone is never dead, it’s never died since I’ve had it. With normal use I can go a day and a half, now I can’t even get the screen to come on. I plugged it into the car charger and it came on until the ignition was turned off.

There wasn’t anything to salvage like light fixtures or knobs or neat old things left behind that were meaningless at the time. I was too annoyed to about my phone not working, I couldn’t calm down enough to soak up the surroundings. We didn’t stay long. When we came out of the house the Sheriff was coming up the driveway. We walked over to his car as he got out. We showed him our I.D.’s and let him know we worked for the company that owned the property. What stuck out about him was it seemed like he was having trouble with his radio. Watercolor_#9rs2He wrote down our names and license plate number but just closed it back up and put it in his shirt pocket. He told us no one has ever been back there at that house in the 30 years he’s worked for the county. He’s never been back there and followed the fresh path coming in. We told him we were leaving and he made us pull out before him. Just down the road my phone vibrates. I dig it out of my pocket and its working. I type in my pass code and the home screen comes on. My battery shows it’s ¾’s charged…

My Phone

My phone kept vibrating all day. It’s only set to vibrate when I get a text but there wasn’t any new texts. Even in my incoming log there wasn’t anything for today. I restarted the phone it but that didn’t do any good. The last time it vibrated I typed in my pass code and a picture flashed before my home screen opened. I opened my picture folder and found the same one that flashed on my screen. I have no idea what this is.