I was getting ready to leave work today and one of the ladies approached me. Her husband passed away and she was cleaning out some of his possessions. She asked me if I would like this. It scared her because it looked evil. I took it because it reminded me the doll with the horns.




doll on my door

Friday when I got in to work there was a bag hanging on my door. This is normal, they like giving me things. I set the bag on the counter as I went over my paperwork from Wednesday. One of the residents came in and started talking about nothing, the usual. Sometimes I’ll talk to them, most of the time I’d rather listen to them talk as a group. I greeted everyone in the community room and asked if they had any thing else to do beside sit here all day with the heat turned up to tropical. They answered with the usual, “We old people, we chill to the bone.”

About 45 minutes had gone by before I returned to my desk and opened the bag. It was another doll. There wasn’t any note with it so I still don’t know where these are coming from. The face was drawn on this one, a little different from the other two. One thing really stuck out about this one, the horns. They look like horns. The other two I didn’t understand, this one? I don’t know…

I asked everyone a few weeks ago, maybe a month, who was making these. No one knew. I know it’s one of them or this wouldn’t have been on my door.


another doll (?)

The place I live in was having electrical work done on the exterior and was suppose to be off most of Saturday. Not having any internet, I packed up my laptop and went into work. The parking lot was full for a Saturday and I remembered it was Easter. Not looking at the calendar before leaving Friday, I was greeted by a bunch of screaming kids  in the community room waiting to have an Easter egg hunt. The last thing I wanted was to spend my time listening to LOUD. Inside the lockbox was a set of keys to a vacant office on the third floor, and it has an internet connection. I took the keys and headed up. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone or a smalltalk conversation would quickly ensue and last longer than it should which would keep me visible for too long letting everyone know I was in the building thus ruining any chance that I might have a peaceful afternoon. As the elevator door opened I hear “MIKE!” yelled from the common area. Pushing the “close door” button inside the elevator I managed to escape and make my way to the third floor.

The office was cold. It was apparent no one had been in there for a long time. Opening the blinds and turning the heat on, I connect my laptop to the ethernet cable and settled in. Through the door there were voices. Voices I wanted to avoid. Then there was another voice, the same one from the common area on the first floor, “anyone see Mike come up here?”. They mumbled back and forth and then silence, I was safe. I noticed the desk calendar said September 2015, it’s been empty for 6 months. The room warms up slowly but I get the uneasy feeling that something isn’t right. Then I see it, back in the corner. Another doll obviously made by the same hands as the other one in the kitchen. It’s placed on something to make it stand in an eerie lifeless stance. For how crudely made it appeared there were a lot of details in this one also. Rarely does something make me feel uneasy as these dolls. After taking a photo, I stood a notebook binder up in front of it to block the view. I didn’t want to see it and I didn’t want it watching me. Now I have to find out who is making these, I want one. Or do I?


doll (?)

The building was dark this morning. I turn on the kitchen lights to make coffee and things seem out of place. Others use the kitchen when I’m not there but it’s different today. I get the coffee pot started and stare out the window while it brews. The elevator goes up, someone else is awake. Still staring outside, the sound of someone is behind me. Glancing over my shoulder something catches my eye. I turn around and this doll (?) is on the counter behind me. Crudely made yet thought out and detailed.