a card I didn’t like

I don’t know what it is about cards lately. Here’s one that showed up in the area I’m working in. The other morning I found it laying inside the vacant area roped off from the rest of the building. Anyone can get in there but why drop a card there. This was a strange card, too. From the time I saw it felt like there was nothing good about it. This is a small card so I put a door key beside it for scale. A banana would have been too big. Even taking a picture of it I thought just having this on my phone was a bad omen. I didn’t even bring it home, I just left it. card_2The card site I refer to says a 9 of diamonds means there will be a loss of money. But it also says there will be a completion of something and something about the past. This is a very confusing card to have found at this time because of all the personal things going on. I didn’t even want to write about it because I would be acknowledging any association with it. This happened on Monday, two days ago. So far I’m not aware of anything changing.


cards in the woods

I’ve been really sick the past few months and felt good enough a few days ago to get outside even though it was only 41 degrees. I like the cold air, I like winter. It rained last night so there was a lot of mud. Wondering off the trail I could see a card in the tall grass that was bent over from the rain. Laughing inside about a card way out here would be a good post for my blog but I kept walking. A few feet ahead were two other cards that appeared to be placed in the tall grass like a fan, like it was displayed. On the muddy trail there weren’t any foot prints except mine which lead to the second noticeable oddity of the cards. They were dry but slightly weathered and sitting in the wet tall grass. I couldn’t get a picture because my I broke the camera lens on my phone and it was covered with blue masking tape. Yeah, it looked ghetto so I ordered a new phone. I went back and picked up the first number 7 card I walked past. All three were dry and I was 99% certain it was two 7’s and a 2. When I got home I pulled out two 7’s and a Queen from my coat pocket. I know it was a 2 of hearts or diamonds when I picked it up.




The backs look like this:



~ 7 of Diamonds

~ 7 of Clubs 

~ Queen of Clubs




Cards in my spot

I mistook a lancing needle for a wall anchor that was laying in the hall at work and got it stuck in my finger. I was told to go to Urgent -Care and fill out a Workman’s Comp claim. I did everything I was suppose to do only to find out the claim was denied because the Doctor filled out the paperwork wrong. Now, almost a year later, my lawyer sends me a notice from Workman’s Comp to see their doctor. All BWC had to do was pay a $490 blood test bill. But now, with a lawyer involved representing me, not only do they have to pay the lab tests they also have to pay me a settlement claim. Instead of a $490 bill, they settled on a $3,000 bill. I’m glad BWC doesn’t give financial advice as a second career. They seem to be happy to take a loss.

Back to the story; I get to their doctors office which is a chiropractors office in a run down strip mall in a bad part of town. I backed into a spot I could see from the address I was going. I dodge a piece of garbage setting in the only spot I could find. It looked like a piece of broken off car part. I did what I had to do in the office and left. Getting nearer to my car I could see gold outlines around the broken piece under my car. Looking completely different from when I glanced at it the first time, I reached under and picked up a velvet box with gold edges and emblem. The emblem said “CONGRESS Playing Cards – Spain”. This box looked brand new, it wasn’t dirty or worn. I slid the inside tray away from the outer casing and there’s two decks of unopened cards still in pristine cellophane wrappers.

My questions: Why do I find cards? Why were these cards in this parking spot on the day that I was there? Why was this the only parking spot open when I got there? I don’t play cards, I don’t own a deck and I don’t like or even know any card games. I don’t even play solitaire on my computer. I just can’t figure out the meaning of cards finding their way to me.



card seven

This morning I picked up my prescriptions. On the way out I put them in my coat pockets because it’s really windy today. After getting into my car, I threw them on the seat and this card came out of my coat pocket at the same time. I haven’t worn this coat since posting attention seeker which was several months ago. It’s also been washed and hanging up the entire time. Just to point out, the closet it’s been hanging in is the same one the tack fell in which is also in the entry hallway.




Thursday, my day off. Knowing I can do or not do anything all day, I get up @ 4:30am for no reason. By 5:30am I’m hungry and if I’m fast enough I can run to the store before everyone gets out to go to work. I had a craving for waffles and eggs. I don’t even like eggs that much. The shelf stockers take the place of the aisle people, they take up the entire aisle. I bumped the pallet trying to squeeze through, I didn’t have to I just felt like hitting it with the cart. Being a blatant jackass is fun sometimes. I found a 6 pack of eggs, if that’s what they’re called. Eggo’s would do, too. To go all out I found real butter sold by the stick. I thought 6 eggs and a stick of butter was out dated. It was like I had discovered something new all over again.

The one open cashier line has three people already. I can never figure out why you would stand in line to buy a few items. There were 6 open self-checkout counters. I scan my three things then remember I don’t have syrup but I can see the aisle it’s in. I went total “Walmart Shopper” and left the counter, there wasn’t anyone else around. I wasn’t in Walmart either. I scan my stuff and go.

joker_rs  At home I get the frying pan on before unloading my bag. The computer gets turned on and I’m back to the kitchen to get started. Reaching in to start my morning feast I find a card in the bag, A Joker! I scanned and packed my own bags. No one was near the checkout counter when I went for the syrup. There was no human interaction the entire time (except hitting the pallet). The only thought I had was “What in the fu…”
I put it with my other cards that’s shown up here. None are from the same deck. I don’t know why it’s cards now. What do cards have to do with me? I’ve never played cards, I don’t like playing card games, I just don’t get the association with them and me and it’s only been during the time I’ve moved to my new place.


Ace in the Grass

It was raining when I got home this afternoon.aceofhearts My quickest route was going through the grass to the back door. Sitting in the car a few moments, the rain slowed a little so I made my break for it. I see the card as I step onto the patio but I walked over it not realizing what it really was. I sat my stuff down and went back out to pick it up. An Ace of Hearts. It’s from a different deck than the King of Cloves I found before.