recognizable photobomb

I was watching YouTube video’s this evening and found one called “15 Creepiest Photobombs Ever Captured on Camera”. Number 2 – Snapchat Spirit came up. The commentator was describing the photo’s origin:pay-main-ghost-photobombs-night-out

The more I looked at it the more it appeared to be the same face I found on my phone a few months back and posted as “unknown“. While I’m writing this, the sounds of movement are going on in the room behind me. It was perfectly quiet just a few moments ago.




I work at a retirement community. People have passed away here so you can imagine the fun I have when no one’s around. One thing I’ve learned is not to get into a close relationship with them. I’ve also learned to put up a barrier and treat them as a product that makes the company money. It’s difficult and I slip sometimes but I still keep my distance. My superiors said you will get use to them passing away. It must take a lot of practice, the best I can do is hide it on the outside.

On the elevator one day a health care aide said she gets creeped out by walking past the library. If it’s a cloudy day the library is a dark open area. It’s not closed off and to get to the elevator you have to walk past it. I’ve always had the feeling there’s someone sitting there even when it’s empty. I’ve had experiences on the second floor where the library is located but not in the library itself. When she mentioned the library being spooky I jokingly said the entire second floor is haunted. I had to say it like I was joking because I made a room full of elderly ladies flip out when I first brought it up. That’s when she asked about orbs.

I’ve never experienced orbs as they are commercially known. I’ve seen lights, obvious “orb” lights , but not the random floating specks reflecting from a light source. I asked the aide what she saw, in a condescending way. She seemed reluctant to say anything and I didn’t want what happened the last time I was serious about it to happen again. I could tell she wanted to say something so I pointed towards the end of the south hall and asked, “was it down there”. Just as I said that the elevator doors closed, her eyes zoned in on me. “What did you see”, I asked her. “No way did you just say that”, she replied. I asked again what she saw down there and the doors opened on the first floor. She walked me down the hall away from the community room. “I came out of the laundry room and saw a powdery white floating ball come out of the room on the right at the end of the hall. It glided down the wall with the handrail and faded out at the library”. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about that room. I told her I believe her, as she was leaving the building, she looked back and said “We’re not done talking”.

The room she’s talking about was empty for almost a year. The gentleman who lived there fell into the corner of the wall. He laid on his floor for several days before he was found and taken to the hospital, which he never returned. After that, a lady from the third floor moved into the unit. The move must have been too much, she passed away right after she moved in. I would check on the unit once a month while it sat available on the market to make sure it was ready to view at any time. I had several keys with me one day while I was checking up on the building. I walked down the hall towards the room, It was a lot cooler than the rest of the building. The building is always hot to me, they love their heat. At the door I’m looking for the right key, that’s when someone walked behind me. It was enough to make me turn and look, but no one was there. Once inside the apartment It felt like I wasn’t alone. Everything was O.K. and I left looking back to see if anything was behind me. Now I have to tell her this.



Thursday, my day off. Knowing I can do or not do anything all day, I get up @ 4:30am for no reason. By 5:30am I’m hungry and if I’m fast enough I can run to the store before everyone gets out to go to work. I had a craving for waffles and eggs. I don’t even like eggs that much. The shelf stockers take the place of the aisle people, they take up the entire aisle. I bumped the pallet trying to squeeze through, I didn’t have to I just felt like hitting it with the cart. Being a blatant jackass is fun sometimes. I found a 6 pack of eggs, if that’s what they’re called. Eggo’s would do, too. To go all out I found real butter sold by the stick. I thought 6 eggs and a stick of butter was out dated. It was like I had discovered something new all over again.

The one open cashier line has three people already. I can never figure out why you would stand in line to buy a few items. There were 6 open self-checkout counters. I scan my three things then remember I don’t have syrup but I can see the aisle it’s in. I went total “Walmart Shopper” and left the counter, there wasn’t anyone else around. I wasn’t in Walmart either. I scan my stuff and go.

joker_rs  At home I get the frying pan on before unloading my bag. The computer gets turned on and I’m back to the kitchen to get started. Reaching in to start my morning feast I find a card in the bag, A Joker! I scanned and packed my own bags. No one was near the checkout counter when I went for the syrup. There was no human interaction the entire time (except hitting the pallet). The only thought I had was “What in the fu…”
I put it with my other cards that’s shown up here. None are from the same deck. I don’t know why it’s cards now. What do cards have to do with me? I’ve never played cards, I don’t like playing card games, I just don’t get the association with them and me and it’s only been during the time I’ve moved to my new place.



I thought Ghost Hunting was theatrical. The shows and videos I’ve watched made it seem like it’s easy to find something anywhere and only late at night. Some even brought their religious system into it and some thought everything was evil or demonic. I’ve never experience anything evil, religious or benevolent at any specific time. I was scratched a few times. It felt more like an attention getter than anything wanting to hurt me. One thing all these shows have in common are a few tools. Just to see for myself if there’s any validity the gear they carry I picked up a few items. They arrived this morning (thanks UPS for waking me up on my day off) and I was laughing at my purchase while opening the boxes. One is a Digital Voice Recorder, the other is an EMF reader. I don’t expect anything to come from these that’s out of the ordinary. At least  I can find another use for the DVR.


The Lights Appear Again

Another time I’ve seen the lights was the night we were coming home and took the country roads. We came up to the traffic light at State Route 42. It was just getting dark, the light turned green for us to go. I was in the front passenger seat. I’m pretty sure my friend, Jack, who was driving, didn’t even look to see if there were any cars coming before he started to move. The lights came from my side vision, flashing and circling. I looked and bearing down on us was a semi-truck unable to stop for the red light. I reached over and slammed the gear shift up only making it to reverse. It was enough to stop us and make enough gear grinding noise for Jack to hit the brakes. The truck flew right in front of us. The lights then appeared in front of the windshield. It seemed they were making sure we were o.k. They moved around towards the drivers side and slowly faded out.


The Blue Lady Again

The store was crowded this morning. Went into my shell as I entered. Don’t look at anyone, just get what I need and get out. I did look up when I turned into an aisle. They moved it around, I don’t like change. I don’t like interruptions, my schedule has to be planned, everything is laid out ahead of time. If something is different panic sets in. It looked like the “Blue Lady” passed by my confused aisle. As usual she’s gone when I tried to catch up. She passed by the opposite end of the next aisle. It was her. Forget the food and the crowd, I wanted to cross her path again. Get her attention.

She’s trapped in the openness of the produce area. Her glowing blue aura, her light skin, her hair. Her hair looked different, or maybe I didn’t notice the first time how it was kept. That’s not a good thing if you’re married. Again, her back was turned as I tried really hard to not look obvious going towards her. I looked around, no one was watching. That’s cool. She moves toward the deli counter. I turned to come directly at her and she saw me. We both looked away, it felt like she knew I wrote about her, like she knows something. I pretend to look at the cheese as she gets near. I can feel her going around me, the soft blue aura passing behind me. A few feet away from me and suddenly I get the scent of burning wood. The taste is in my mouth. It’s the same Taste of Sleep from last Monday when my drains had clogged up…


More Quarters

I went to the vending machines the other day. No Skittles and the Coke machine was empty, as usual. I spotted a quarter balanced on the edge of the coin return so I reached down and took it then went outside to the Pepsi machine. As I pushed the door open, one of the quarters fell out of my hand. I picked it up and put it into the slot of the Pepsi machine where it quickly dropped down to the change return. I pulled it out and looked to see if I had Canadian coins. I looked in my hand, my original 50₵ plus the quarter I found in the coke machine had turned into $1.25. 4 quarters, 2 dimes and a nickel. I’m acquiring quarters in 3’s now.

3’s and 25?

3’s and 75?

I’m not getting a connection…


quarters in 3s