Today was fairly nice out. That’s if you think 60 degrees in February is nice in Ohio. At work I pick up pastries and bread from Giant Eagle to give out to the residents. It makes a big mess in my vehicle which I like to keep clean. Today was clean out day. I keep a backpack with a change of cloths, phone charger, tooth brush, warm cloths, etc. just in case. When I unzipped it I saw the 3 year old deodorant stick was just a bone. I brought it in to refresh my supplies. This backpack sits on the floor behind the passenger seat, it hasn’t been touched in at least three years, maybe four. I pulled everything out and at the bottom I find a Quarter. It’s been there a while, it left an imprint.





mom says

Twice in the last 24 hours my stairsmom has communicated to me to visit my dad for Christmas this year. There’s two things stopping that; I don’t celebrate Christmas and he made it clear for me not to contact him.

Just as I sat down to write this there was movement across the upstairs hall and stopped at the top of the steps. The air is heavy in here now and I’m unsure who’s visiting. Sometimes you can feel when something’s about to happen.

Quarter Heart

Another slow day at work. It was nice out, meaning not sweltering hot, quarterso I walked around the property. We have a community garden that’s coming in real good since I put 7-dust on everything against everyone’s objections. They don’t bring it up now that everything is plentiful. I got a few weeds out and went on around the grounds. The landscapers had trimmed the bushes earlier in the week and didn’t clean up the walks very good. As I kicked the trimmings under the bush I found a quarter in the mulch bed. I thought I hadn’t found any for a while so it stood out on my walk. The northeast corner of the building is in the woods. No one goes there because they’re afraid of the wildlife. I can’t fathom why they’re so afraid of nature. It’s not a few, it’s everyone. In all this lush green wooded landscape was a small pink dot. It stood out from everything. Another message?


music box statue

A few years ago a lady passed away where I work. She put her piano in the community room for everyone. Occasionally someone would play it, most people thought it was an eyesore. Also, when someone cleaned out a closet they would set things on a table in the community room for anyone to take. When I came in the other morning there was a pile. Not paying any attention to it, I went about my usual routine. Getting off the elevator back on the first floor I could hear the faint sound of the piano playing. It was Music Box Dancer. I headed towards the community room as the music faded the closer I got. The lights were off, only the gloomy rays from the rainy early morning came in. There was silence by the time I turned into the doorway. After the lady died her family took the piano, it’s been gone for over a year but that’s not what caught my attention in there. Sitting in front of the pile of belongings on the table was this wood carved statue looking at me.


Sheri’s Mother

I never initiate a conversation about the subject of this blog to anyone. If they start talking about events that’s happened to them, I’m glad to jump in.

Days are long where I work at. There’s one building with fifty people. Not a lot goes on. The property is clean and kept up. Social workers and health-care aides feel safe compared to other places they visit through out the day so they tend to wait for their next appointments in our community room or library. One health-care aide shared her story with me. She knew how to make a short story long and went off in all directions, so I’ll turn a two hour story down to a paragraph.

Sheri’s mother passed away several years ago. On mothers day this year, she sat some flowers at her headstone and took a picture with her phone. A few days afterwards, her phone would vibrate for no reason, although it was set to vibrate and ring when receiving a call. There was no record of any calls coming in. Thursday evening she settled in to veg on the couch. She read a few chapters of a book and grew tired. Sheri set the book on the coffee table, laid the phone face down on top of the book and fell asleep. She was woke up by the phone vibrating. Only this time a glowing light came from under the it. She picked it up and the photo of her mothers headstone quickly flashed from the screen. It was late so she went to bed. As she fell asleep the phone vibrated and lit up again. This time she could hear a faint conversation. As she picked up the phone there was the picture she took of her mothers headstone. The phone conversation became more clear. It was her mothers voice. Sheri couldn’t make out who she was talking to, the other end was static, but she sounded cheerful and happy. What Sheri remembers of the conversation was her mother saying, “Tell him I said hello and I’ll see you soon.” Sheri yelled “MOM” into the phone. Her mother answered, “Sheri, I’ll see you too.” There was silence. The photo slowly faded out…




I haven’t posted any “Quarters” in a while. They’re so random that nothing sticks out about finding them. Today my brother texts me at work about our Dad. I went up to the library at to get away from everyone and take a break. We went back and forth for a while. During one pause between texts a cold aroma of sweet flowers linger for a few seconds. I flashed my camera around the room, as usual nothing showed up and the pictures were blurry. The camera on my phone rarely takes pictures out of focus. This entire set of pictures are all blurred. After our text conversation that I thought was over, I got up to leave. Straightening the chairs back up before I  go, there’s a quarter right about where my foot was. I’m posting this one because We (my brother and myself) are talking about our Dad and mentioned our older brother, the fragrance of flowers made an appearance, then a quarter is found. The family reunited for a moment in time.