Quarter of September

Another resident passed away and I had to get the unit ready to put on the market. I’m the only person there so I do almost all of the work except cleaning the carpets. The unit was ready to go so I was going around getting things picked up off the carpet before the cleaners got there. The units have heat pumps that slide into the walls except these have a counter built in on top of them. I crawled under to wipe out the cobwebs and here’s what I find. Another quarter.






Quarter Heart

Another slow day at work. It was nice out, meaning not sweltering hot, quarterso I walked around the property. We have a community garden that’s coming in real good since I put 7-dust on everything against everyone’s objections. They don’t bring it up now that everything is plentiful. I got a few weeds out and went on around the grounds. The landscapers had trimmed the bushes earlier in the week and didn’t clean up the walks very good. As I kicked the trimmings under the bush I found a quarter in the mulch bed. I thought I hadn’t found any for a while so it stood out on my walk. The northeast corner of the building is in the woods. No one goes there because they’re afraid of the wildlife. I can’t fathom why they’re so afraid of nature. It’s not a few, it’s everyone. In all this lush green wooded landscape was a small pink dot. It stood out from everything. Another message?


attention seeker

Lately I’ve quit paying attention as much to the other side. I was getting comfortable with “it” and started talking to people and realized why I learned to never talk about “it”. I let things go that I wanted to put on here. Quarters, I’ve found a ridiculous amount in the strangest places but I let it go. Also, I was at the light going to work. On the corner sits a cemetery where they reconstructed the road making the cemetery about 8′ higher than the road with the ground exposed. I would really like to park there some day and walk along the exposed earth with my DVR. Back to my story, I was at the red light waiting to turn right if the traffic cleared, there’s a lot of trucks so it takes time. Being the only one at the light I hear “MIKE!” yelled right beside my car but there wasn’t anyone closer to me than the truck coming up the street. I let that go, too. Until now…

But today, this morning, I get a shower and I’m sitting on the bed and hear something fall on the hard floor at the front door. It was the sound of something BALL_1hard dropping and it bounced once or twice. I get dressed and down stairs, about a foot away from the closet where the tack fell, I found this wooden bingo ball with I-16 on it. BALL_2



I sat it on the shelf where I keep the other things I find, or the things that find me. I go out to run some errands for the week. I bought new furniture so I took the dolly back to work, I stopped to get groceries and went to the car wash. Nothing eventful happened and I didn’t give the Bingo Ball a second thought until I got off the highway to head home.LEAF The ramp was backed up so I got into the turn lane to take the long way around the park to get to my house. At the light I stop to make a right turn. I’m looking to my left to make sure its clear and while I turned I saw this leaf laying on my leg. I laughed to myself and thought, “where the hell did this come from”. I had been driving a straight road for 30 minutes with the windows closed. “Them”, “They”, “It’s”, done this before when I quit paying attention to them. I just never get the meaning of the messages. Two significant signs in one day is rare, just thought I would post it this time.


At work we will rehab a unit completely depending on the damages from the prior resident. Everything was completed, along with new carpeting. A lot of work was done and the cleaners had a big job cleaning up after everyone. I’ve walked all the subcontractors through before and after they’ve completed a job. The carpet layers were asked to vacuum after they were finished and I let them use ours. After the cleaners were done, they also ran the vacuum. I walked the unit several times while it sat empty waiting for the new resident to move in. She hadn’t seen this unit. We won’t show anyone anything until it’s market ready. She had walked through another unit to make her decision. Her paperwork was approved and she was set to move in on Tuesday. I did a final walk through Monday afternoon. In the back bedroom, in plain sight was a Quarter. No one had been in there but me after the cleaners and that was a few weeks ago.


That evening I got in from work. Inside the door I have a table I set everything on and empty my pockets out into a wooden tray. I go upstairs to change cloths. On top of my storage dresser that sets back in the corner with my T.V. on it, was another quarter. I rarely go near this corner and just the weekend before I wiped the dust off from who knows how many months.

2015-07-21 16.57.45