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The question:  Cops and other law enforcement people of Reddit, what were some cases you worked on that made you think (even if for a moment) that something supernatural/paranormal was going on?


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Former EMT/ Firefighter here. One night we got a call to do a wellness check on someone who dialed 911 but didn’t respond to the operator.

We pull up to the address and the house looks perfectly quaint and a little old lady greets us at the door. We asked her if she knew who placed the call but she told us that she lived alone since her husband died.

We barely got back to the station before a call comes in again, same address as before. So we drive back out, talk to the old lady again, then leave again.

And just as we get back to the station, same call, same address, no response. We drive out there again, believing that the old lady must have been confused. But this time when we pulled into the driveway the old lady wasn’t at the door to greet us.

There was no reply at the door, but it was unlocked. We take a peek inside to find the old lady was on the floor and wasn’t breathing. We rushed in to help and got her to a hospital in stable condition.

When she woke up in the ambulance she still claimed that she never called us, and that we arrived almost immediately after she had fallen (it was a 15 minute drive to her house from the station).

Before she was admitted to the hospital she asked me and another EMT if we could bring her knitting needles and bag of clothes, to her in the hospital. I offered to pick up her stuff because I had a friend who lived in that area and we were gonna hang out anyways.

I pick up my friend and drive to the lady’s house. I ran inside to grab the bag and knitting stuff while my buddy sat in the car. But just as I was leaving I swear I felt a hand on my back and heard a voice say “thank you.”

When I get back in the car my friend asked me “why couldn’t the lady’s husband being her stuff to the hospital?” I explained that her husband was dead, but when I said that my friend said “but I saw an old guy in the window, he smiled and waved at me.”

At first I refused to believe in anything supernatural, so I called the police and asked them to do a sweep of the house (I thought it was a squatter). Nothing was out of the ordinary, and no one was inside.

I later brought my friend to visit the lady. He started describing the old dude who was in the window, but the old lady almost immediately started tearing up and said “that’s my Harold.”



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another dream

A female figure appeared directly in front of me. Very brightly colored almost a white light type figure. She said, “Your dad use to call me Sally the sandwich maker”…




camera find

I can’t even begin to imagine where this came from. I was looking through my phone photos for all of the pocket pictures to save in a folder to upload. This one shows up on my Google photos account dated Wednesday May 10th, 2017. Nothing eventful happened that day according to my Google or work calendar. Geo-Location isn’t turned on so I can’t trace that back. I’ve turned it in all different angles and direction, something looks like either a hinge or a book. But it’s the dark figures in a location I can’t determine that have me wondering what this is.





dream meetings

This happens a lot. Not a lot but more than I can remember. I’ll think of someone out of nowhere and we cross paths soon after. Last night in my dream I saw Daisy. She was a Healthcare Aide where I work when I was first hired. The lady she cared for passed away and that was the last time we ever talked. It’s been several years, at least three, I think. We had a strange friendship and we both enjoyed it. At our first meeting we both thought we had met before. We would laugh at the same things, we liked to be smart asses in a joking kind of way toward others and each other. One morning she was walking towards the front doors. I walked ahead of her and said, “let me get the door for you so you don’t break a nail”. She replied, “thank you white bread”. Without missing a beat I responded with, “you’re welcome Ms. Red Bone who’s skin I’d like to lick to see what flavor you are”. She turned around laughing and stuck her arm out, and I licked it. I never heard her laugh so loud. She didn’t expect me to do it and normally I wouldn’t have but it was Daisy. After that we were White Bread and Red Bone to each other. I missed her after she left and always wondered how she was. In my dream last night, it wasn’t about her. It was just something random I probably would have forgotten except I saw her face in the crowd.

My alarm goes off this morning and I remembered the dream until I got buzzed on coffee and had to get ready for work. The morning was uneventful, no one was up and I was bored by 9:00 am. Having nothing to do I put my coat on and started walking around outside. When I came around the front of the building I saw two ladies walking out and start across the parking lot. I didn’t pay any attention until I heard “Hey White Bread!” It really was Daisy and my heart started pounding. The lady with her got into the car but Daisy came walking to me. I couldn’t get the smile off my face and as we got closer I said “The Beautiful Ms. Red Bone”. Jokingly she stuck her arm out again but this time I held her hand and kissed the back of it. She hugged me and said I got her all “mooshy” inside. As we talked for a few moments all I can remember is holding each others hand and staring in her eyes. Then she said, “I miss us”. Daisy turned towards the car where her friend was waiting. I said “Goodbye Beautiful Ms Daisy”, she turned and raised her arm. I asked, “I’ll see you again?”  Her green eyes looking back over at me, “you will”…




boxed queen

I just posted a drawing on my other blog, sketchbook #8. Today at work I thought I would  grab a door lock for my computer/ drawing room. When I opened the box, lying face down was a card under the knob. I flipped it over and…




The card is pretty roughed up, it’s been in there a while. I took a screen capture from the video to show it’s a completely different card. Wonder what doors I’ve opened now.





what happened last night

While I watched a movie last night the sound of children yelling outside had me annoyed. Looking out the windows I saw nothing. There wasn’t anyone around as far as I could see. Getting back to my movie the feeling I was being watched was unbearable, once again I look outside and see nothing. Towards the end of the movie my stairs popped. It was the same popping sound it makes when I go up them. Thinking it was settling from having the heat on I didn’t give it a second thought other than looking up at them.

Later in the evening while I’m sitting at my drawing table I hear the stair creak again and out of the side of my eyes I see what I thought was a round black shadow move across the hall towards my bedroom. The desk light was too bright, plus I had on glasses and what I thought I saw was just my eyes not focused from looking away from the brightly lit area. I went to the bedroom to turn up the heat so the room was warm when I go to bed.

At 2:00 am exactly I wake up shivering. I’m freezing and my teeth are chattering it was so cold. I knew I turned up the heat so I just pulled the blankets over my head to keep warm until the heat came back on. It didn’t! I’m still freezing under the blankets and I was too cold to get out of bed. Finally I reached over and turned the light on. My bedroom appeared to be frosty white. Once again I think it’s my eyes not focused from just waking up. I put the blankets over me and walk over to the thermostat. It’s set to 75 degrees. The room felt like a freezer so I turned it up to 80 and went into the bathroom. There’s an electric wall heater I sat in front of  until I warmed up. It’s 2:30 when I finally come out of the bathroom, everything looks like it always has. The bedroom is warm, the colors are right. Maybe it was just me. Finally I fell back to sleep only to be woke up an hour later by what felt and sounded like a low pitched rumbling hum. It was under me and I could feel it as much as I could hear it. I rolled off the bed onto the floor. At first I thought it was my Bluetooth speaker connected to the phone. The clock isn’t set to go off on Thursdays, it’s my day off.

At 5:30 am I wake up down stairs in my recliner. I don’t remember coming down here. It feels like I’ve been beat up, my body hurts. Walking through the house there’s nothing out of order. I turned the thermostat down in the bedroom, it was burning up in there. While drinking my coffee, twice I heard short low hums coming from the ceiling near the front door which is in line with my bedroom. I haven’t paid attention to my visitors from the other side in a while, I might have to now.