Today was fairly nice out. That’s if you think 60 degrees in February is nice in Ohio. At work I pick up pastries and bread from Giant Eagle to give out to the residents. It makes a big mess in my vehicle which I like to keep clean. Today was clean out day. I keep […]

Quarter of September

Another resident passed away and I had to get the unit ready to put on the market. I’m the only person there so I do almost all of the work except cleaning the carpets. The unit was ready to go so I was going around getting things picked up off the carpet before the cleaners […]

Quarter Heart

Another slow day at work. It was nice out, meaning not sweltering hot, so I walked around the property. We have a community garden that’s coming in real good since I put 7-dust on everything against everyone’s objections. They don’t bring it up now that everything is plentiful. I got a few weeds out and […]


I haven’t posted any “Quarters” in a while. They’re so random that nothing sticks out about finding them. Today my brother texts me at work about our Dad. I went up to the library at to get away from everyone and take a break. We went back and forth for a while. During one pause […]


At work we will rehab a unit completely depending on the damages from the prior resident. Everything was completed, along with new carpeting. A lot of work was done and the cleaners had a big job cleaning up after everyone. I’ve walked all the subcontractors through before and after they’ve completed a job. The carpet […]