snake death

I walk past my storage shed at least once a week. Today I notice this snake hanging off the latch. It’s pretty dried out like it’s been there a while. I’m curious how it got up that high and just died there.





8 responses to “snake death

      • We have quite a few poisonous snakes here. That’s a rather small snake, I wonder what killed it. Do you suppose it couldn’t get loose and starved? My son had a corn snake, given to him by a neighbor veterinarian who had all sorts of creatures. it was beautiful, so colorful. I convinced him to set it free in a field, I hope it was able to survive. Night Mike.

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  1. When I lived in India someone hung a dead dog from the fence in our student compound. I figured it was a local person trying to frighten or possibly curse us. Anyone ’round town like that with you? Just a thought.


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