man in the field

I thought I had posted this before but couldn’t find it in my history. I’ve always had this vision of a man, helpless or dying in a field. He can hear the traffic going by and voices from the buildings across the street. He might have been beaten and dump there. No one can hear him yelling for help. I picture him in a white wool suit. This was around the late 1940’s maybe early 50’s. While I was on Facebook I joined the Columbus, Ohio history group. A photo they posted is exactly the vision I’ve seen with this man. The color of the sky, the cars, everything is exact. The red X is where this man laid only he’s hidden by tall grass and weeds as seen on the other side of the road.



One response to “man in the field

  1. I had a dream of a country home with a big front yard. I was visiting a couple who had moved in to retire (in the dream).

    Several months later – daytime reality – I’m taking a Sunday drive in the country and take a road I’ve never taken. I see the house in my dream. I had to stop the car by the side of the road and drink it all in b4 I could go on.

    Since then, the couple in my dream have separated in real life!

    This reminded me of that. 🙂

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