that mask

I wrote about this mask before. It’s hanging near the kitchen in the living room. I’ve hear faint sounds that were enough to make me look at the mask as if they came from it. Nothing ever drew my attention to look in that direction before. The mask is ugly and only used as a wall filler. I don’t know if it’s where I hung it, the thing was in a box until last month, but it whispers. The sound of a whispering male, I can’t make out what he’s saying. But it’s definitely what I hear. mask1This place I live in is eerily quiet, if there’s a sound that’s out of the ordinary I’ll hear it. It’s so quiet here if I think I’m going to take a 15 minute nap I’ll be asleep for hours because nothing wakes me up.  The last few days I haven’t been feeling well. I get sweating in the cold air and rain, then by the time I get home I’m so tired. Thursdays are my day off and I just wanted to stay in, turn up the heat and sleep. And I hate the heat, so I know I’m not feeling good now. I grabbed my blankets and pillows and headed for the couch this morning. Twice, the whispering mask woke me up. The second time I said “be quiet”. I never heard it again. That is until I cam up here to write this up. The mumbling whisper, followed by a quiet laugh. I looked into the hall at the stairwell, he knew I heard him…




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      • I find that if I ask why they contacted me most often I can help in some fashion that gives them peace enough to go. Sometimes they just tell me and that’s all they need. Like there was this chinese guy who died in the big plane crash a couple years ago in china and he stopped me in my garden and I asked him why and he said he needed to tell his on he loved him. So I said I’d try, and asked his name and told him he can go now to where he belongs and he left. Then googled the kids name, then FB him if he had a father who died in a plane crash. I never got farther than that but the spirit never came back. This kind of thing happens to me a lot. I researched and talked to people like us and came to the conclusion that I’m suppose to try to help spirits trapped cuz they don’t know they’re dead, traumatic death tends to trap them. I dono-it makes me feel better I guess. It makes it ok for me.


        • I have four that are constant. A lady, two males and a young female. It’s like they’ve just latched on to me because I’ve acknowledged them. They also know I ignore them, but on occasion it seems like someone else wants to get through and they want to help by way of me. For instance, last year “Lisa” (I think was the name) wanted me to tell everyone she’s OK. I didn’t know who I was suppose to tell. And that’s just it, I don’t know what I’m suppose to do so I just put it on here.

          Edit: the name was “Lori”

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