To the Guy I Pepper Sprayed

I hope you’re doing alright. I never used pepper spray before and didn’t know how it worked. But I saw your evil before you saw me standing there and you came rushing towards me. A black aura stands out to people that see them. I told you twice to stop but you wouldn’t listen. I was forced to protect a building you had no reason to be in. You saw me recognize you, that’s why you looked at me. Then it hit you directly into your eyes. I saw the stream of burning orange go into your opened evil eyes. You gasped and mumbled in the deep groan “oh, god” and you turned away from me while I emptied the small vile out on the back of your neck and ears. I was still on the phone with the police, she heard everything. I gave her the address again, the address you were told to never come back to last year. Remember that? You broke out a window. You were there to terrorize a woman. But while you were bent over in burning agonizing pain I asked you politely to leave the property and once again you ignored my order. Cursing me. So I kicked you across the parking lot into the bushes. I kept kicking you, unleashing the evil I’d dug up from the hidden depths of my memories. You couldn’t stand or even see where you were going. Would you have let up on the woman you were there to beat? You wouldn’t and neither was I.

I saw the fear in you as you tried to get away from me. I saw your face. I can’t get it out of my mind. You tried to find a path, a way out from the burning pepper spray and the sudden violent attack on you. You crawled out from the bushes you tried to escape through and grabbed handfuls of grass while you pulled yourself farther away from me up the embankment. For a while I felt bad for you, almost sorry I had to hurt another human being. But then I remembered why it happened. You were only there to beat up on a woman. The same woman who tried to hide the black eye you gave her. I saw it, I knew it was you no matter how hard she tried to say the door hit her. You returned several other times to attack her. No one had to tell me, you left something only a few can see. Something I can see. The entire building of retirees and handicapped are afraid you will do something to them. They moved here to get away from people like you. You kept coming back, only your luck ran out this time. The look I saw in your face as I kicked you across the parking lot, your burning eyes you couldn’t open, that must have been how the lady you kept beating felt. The one who hid from you, the one who lied about her black eye. She couldn’t get away, she was over powered just like you were. I don’t feel sorry for you anymore, or care about the fear I saw in your face as you tried to get away from me. I will do it again. I know you’re coming back. Except this time I will enjoy watching your fear. I will enjoy giving you the same beating she received from you. The only thing I might feel bad about is not ending you. I want you to endure the physical and mental pain the rest of your life. I’m going to escort you to your grave.


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