Quarter of September

Another resident passed away and I had to get the unit ready to put on the market. I’m the only person there so I do almost all of the work except cleaning the carpets. The unit was ready to go so I was going around getting things picked up off the carpet before the cleaners got there. The units have heat pumps that slide into the walls except these have a counter built in on top of them. I crawled under to wipe out the cobwebs and here’s what I find. Another quarter.






4 responses to “Quarter of September

  1. A quarter for your thoughts? Just a few hours ago I was thinking ” Where has Mike been? ” and here you appear in my reader. Just some old-fashioned telepathy.

    Sorry about the resident passing. I know it is part of the job, but it still matters.


    • when I think of people I’ll come across them some how, too. Telepathy is a fun thing.
      I’ve just been doing things and stuff until I had too many things and stuff to get done. Instead of keeping track of the things that go on around me I’ve been ignoring them like they’re normal. Now I have to try and remember them.
      My manager said I’d get use to people dying. All I can do is hide it.

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