observational notice

I’m off work this week. I take a week off every year and do all my doctors stuff and lay around being a filthy lazy pig most of all. Sometimes you will always see the same number, or person, or color, etc. This week I’ve been out every day in traffic all over the city. Maroon mini vans are every where I go. They’re all different models but still, they’re maroon colored minivans. I had to fast for 12 hours to take blood tests this morning. I felt tired before arriving and thought it would just be a few minutes and I could go back home and go back to sleep. But no. The nurse kept filling up vial after vial of blood. I started getting cold inside when she said, “You’re all done”. I tried to speak but my mouth wouldn’t move, the divider curtain pattern started spinning and turned black and white.

I’m looking up and a lady I’ve never seen before is asking if I’m o.k. and I’m confused about where I’m at. Everything was really bright and shiny and unfocused as she lead me to an empty waiting room. I feel halfway numb and my feet and hands are tingling. She saw the large scar on my chest and asked me about my surgery then ordered an EKG. She was asking more questions, lots of questions I could answer in my mind but my mouth wouldn’t work to answer them. The last I remember was waking up and putting my shirt back on. It felt like nothing happened. I was wide awake. I opened the door and the receptionist saw me and gave me the “1 minute” finger gesture. Another nurse (I’m assuming they’re all nurses) came in and talked to me, I told her I’m fine and she agreed to let me go. The fifteen minute drive back home seemed like an hour. I get to the drive and as I turn in I saw in my rear view mirror a maroon minivan had followed behind me.



10 responses to “observational notice

  1. Hi Mike, not nice to feel like that, I hope you had a good week after all of those tests and all is well with you..
    I used to give blood for years but had to stop giving it as I was ill for around 2 to 3 days afterwards feeling lathargic and not well.. So I figured my body was now telling me I needed my blood more than others..
    You sound to have been through the mill too in the past with your open heart surgery..
    Sending thoughts your way
    Sue 🙂

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