Quarter Heart

Another slow day at work. It was nice out, meaning not sweltering hot, quarterso I walked around the property. We have a community garden that’s coming in real good since I put 7-dust on everything against everyone’s objections. They don’t bring it up now that everything is plentiful. I got a few weeds out and went on around the grounds. The landscapers had trimmed the bushes earlier in the week and didn’t clean up the walks very good. As I kicked the trimmings under the bush I found a quarter in the mulch bed. I thought I hadn’t found any for a while so it stood out on my walk. The northeast corner of the building is in the woods. No one goes there because they’re afraid of the wildlife. I can’t fathom why they’re so afraid of nature. It’s not a few, it’s everyone. In all this lush green wooded landscape was a small pink dot. It stood out from everything. Another message?



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