never met

A vivid dream last night woke me up. I was talking to a female, there were a lot of animals running in the back ground. The conversation was incoherent except she did say, “We’ve never met”. What woke me up was the feeling of her hand on my arm as she got up from the side of my bed. No one was there, the TV was going with the sound off. Thinking I heard the TV, I turned it off. A few hours later I finally get up for the day. Making coffee I noticed a small piece of paper on the drawing table.

(Just now while I’m writing this my alarm clock went off. It’s 8:39 am and not set to go off on Friday. The clock only sets to 15 minute increments, too)

The paper is a piece I use to put my hand on so I don’t smudge drawings with the side of my hand. It’s filled with mostly pink scribbles. The only thing I do know is this isn’t something I’ve done. At least consciously. It is unique, it kind of looks like a child’s scribbling.



9 responses to “never met

  1. Wow, this is so freakin weird! They give you a lot of presents. Many little dolls and now this artwork. You could make an exhibition. ‘Things created by my ghost friends.’


    • I’ve forgot about that. That’s a good name for it too, “compensation dream”. This happens every now and then, like my drawing table. As soon as I thought about on craigslist there’s one for $35 right down the street. When I was building this new computer it seemed like the exact part (except the power supply) was on sale. Now I have to watch out for these and use the name you gave it.


      • Well, compensation dream I mean we have a vivid dream for something that for whatever reason is not present in our lives. Travel… Intimacy… Whatever. But the other thing is a kind of compensation too. I found a prescription pair of sunglasses that are perfect for me. A bit mangled but I could bend them straight. Just yesterday I was thinking I need a set of good computer speakers for the main floor computer (old Athlon I mentioned before). Yesterday eve I’m driving by and someone a block or two away is throwing out a pair of Yamaha yst-ms201 with subwoofer. I hook them up and with a bit of wire wiggling, they work great. Mind you, just gave away some crt tvs. So I’m thinking, if we give what we don’t need, we get what we do! 🙂

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