Cards in my spot

I mistook a lancing needle for a wall anchor that was laying in the hall at work and got it stuck in my finger. I was told to go to Urgent -Care and fill out a Workman’s Comp claim. I did everything I was suppose to do only to find out the claim was denied because the Doctor filled out the paperwork wrong. Now, almost a year later, my lawyer sends me a notice from Workman’s Comp to see their doctor. All BWC had to do was pay a $490 blood test bill. But now, with a lawyer involved representing me, not only do they have to pay the lab tests they also have to pay me a settlement claim. Instead of a $490 bill, they settled on a $3,000 bill. I’m glad BWC doesn’t give financial advice as a second career. They seem to be happy to take a loss.

Back to the story; I get to their doctors office which is a chiropractors office in a run down strip mall in a bad part of town. I backed into a spot I could see from the address I was going. I dodge a piece of garbage setting in the only spot I could find. It looked like a piece of broken off car part. I did what I had to do in the office and left. Getting nearer to my car I could see gold outlines around the broken piece under my car. Looking completely different from when I glanced at it the first time, I reached under and picked up a velvet box with gold edges and emblem. The emblem said “CONGRESS Playing Cards – Spain”. This box looked brand new, it wasn’t dirty or worn. I slid the inside tray away from the outer casing and there’s two decks of unopened cards still in pristine cellophane wrappers.

My questions: Why do I find cards? Why were these cards in this parking spot on the day that I was there? Why was this the only parking spot open when I got there? I don’t play cards, I don’t own a deck and I don’t like or even know any card games. I don’t even play solitaire on my computer. I just can’t figure out the meaning of cards finding their way to me.




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