not scared, startled

I was packing junk up to take out to my storage shed this morning. It’s hot and humid today and for some reason it makes me not alert. I just don’t want to be out in it. My first tip off I shouldn’t go out was I couldn’t find my key to the shed lock. It was in the last place I looked. When the door was unlocked I grabbed it by the side and pulled. This was just a few inches from my fingers on the inside of the door.


I wasΒ not scared, only startled by such a large spider (roughly about 2 1/2″) looking at me with his legs up. We stared each other down, we stood our ground. I didn’t take my eyes off him as I gently slid my boxes just inside the doorway with my foot. Once again, I was notΒ scared, only startled. Just want to make that clear…



7 responses to “not scared, startled

  1. When I lived in the sticks, there was one spider exactly the same size HUGE above my bed. There is nothing really you can do, except say goodnight and blow out the flame.

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