visited at my drawing table

I’ve sat here for the last three hours drawing the letter “L”. Classic rock coming from what was 181.FM The Eagle on the internet. I think that’s what it was, it might still be. Led Zeppelin was playing Kashmir. Every time I hear Kashmir I think of the 5 Point Plan. Once again the cup full of brushes in front of me click. This happened the last time my visitors stopped by. I stopped for a moment, listening, waiting. Precisely at the same time a cool swirl of air circles across my face I hear what sounded like an 8-bit female voice say what sounded like “davit ignorients unce”. I could feel the sound directly in front of me, loud and clear this time. Slowly I grabbed my phone and stepped back snapping two photo’s at my drawing table. As usual nothing appears


Although I’m alone right now, I can very much feel others here with me. I haven’t paid much attention to my spirit visitors for a while. Maybe they have something to tell me tonight.


7 responses to “visited at my drawing table

    • Mostly I’ll say, “I can hear you”. If I hear my name (they call me David) I’ll say “What?” If they’re being noisy, I’ll say “You’re making a lot of noise”. If I get a reply its usually the mumbling male and it fades out. I have a few evp’s but when I upload them they’re too difficult to make out.

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      • Ok. Have you ever tried to just close your eyes, and focus on where the voice resonates on your body? Try focusing on the sensation of the voice and follow it around your body ( the sensation will move) and hopefully you can clear them (certain energies) out.

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        • I get into a relaxed state and clear my mind. They’re always there in the back ground. They’re in the air around me. I’ve tried to describe it when I started this blog but it’s difficult to explain. What I constantly hear is a crowd, like a gathering. The ones that are nearest me are the two males and a female. Sometimes a child, a girl I think. I don’t know what they want and I don’t know what they’re saying but I get the impression they’re from the 1930’s-40’s era. I’ve never felt threatened or carried on a conversation with any of them. I don’t know why they’ve latched on to me or who they could be.

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          • Oh, I can imagine it would be difficult to explain. Most phenomena is hard to explain.

            Maybe you should carry on a conversation with them? When you relax and clear your mind, give them some time too?

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