doll on my door

Friday when I got in to work there was a bag hanging on my door. This is normal, they like giving me things. I set the bag on the counter as I went over my paperwork from Wednesday. One of the residents came in and started talking about nothing, the usual. Sometimes I’ll talk to them, most of the time I’d rather listen to them talk as a group. I greeted everyone in the community room and asked if they had any thing else to do beside sit here all day with the heat turned up to tropical. They answered with the usual, “We old people, we chill to the bone.”

About 45 minutes had gone by before I returned to my desk and opened the bag. It was another doll. There wasn’t any note with it so I still don’t know where these are coming from. The face was drawn on this one, a little different from the other two. One thing really stuck out about this one, the horns. They look like horns. The other two I didn’t understand, this one? I don’t know…

I asked everyone a few weeks ago, maybe a month, who was making these. No one knew. I know it’s one of them or this wouldn’t have been on my door.



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    • the way the building is laid out, it’s really easy to get around everyone. Also the elevator is next to my office and there’s a staircase at the end of the hall. I think the word got around I was asking about these.

      (all the sudden I have to approve everyone’s comments on here that’s already commented. Did they do another bad update?)

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