who was my friend

It was nice out today, it’s 80 now at 5:30pm. I don’t have a lot at work to keep me busy so I find things to do other than talk to everyone. The parking lot was empty at one end of the building so I decided to hose out the area of mud and junk from the winter. I have to be careful what goes down the street drain because of the creeks that run behind the building are part of the Parks Department. I tried to drain off the small parts of dirt and leave the larger chunks to pick up later. This was going slow and the running water coming from the hose was hypnotic. I caught myself daydreaming a few times but was brought back to reality by someone standing behind me. Each time I looked there wasn’t anyone and I know there was. I continued working, out of my peripheral I could see someone standing on the walkway going behind the building. I stopped turning to look because I’m sure everyone was watching me outside, they have nothing else to do all day. I’m their entertainment and I didn’t want to seem crazy by looking behind me every few minutes. I finished what I was doing a few hours later. After cleaning up I worked my way towards the community room. Passing the elevator, Mel is getting off. I asked how the grand kids were doing and Mel said, “Who was your friend watching you out there?”


6 responses to “who was my friend

  1. I go through something similar when I do yoga at my local park. The neighborhood mostly consist of old people who have nothing else better to do than watch my yoga poses. Sometimes my paranoia gets me wondering if someone will just shoot me from far away or something. Lol

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  2. I think souls and spiritual powers are probably watching us all the time. Sometimes it may feel like they are near. And, in my case, in my mind’s eye I can almost very subtly “see” them as a kind of spiritual image. But the question remains… is it really a soul or just my imagination. Another possibility, that most psychiatrists would likely reject, is that the devil is mimicking a person we know or admire. So it could be a spiritual thing but not what we are thinking–i.e. a deception.

    Bottom line – I try to say “I believe” or “I think” rather than “I know.” The insane seem to be convinced of their inner visions. But rational, sane people question them, without necessarily rejecting them. That’s how I see it, anyhow. 🙂


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