the waiting area

I had my yearly doctor check up this morning. The waiting room is a huge area shared by several doctors. I sign in at my doctors counter, give her my insurance card and was commanded to be seated until my name was called. Laughing to myself at her unemotional robotic instructions I chose the seat directly in front of her just so we could lock eyes every time she looked up. Soon, she called my name and asked me to fill out the papers she could have handed me the first visit at the counter. I filled out the paperwork, handed them over to Nurse Nazi, then walked over to the other waiting area where no one was seated. As usual I kept my sunglasses on and closed my eyes to nod off for a few moments. The large open area is fairly quiet which helped me quickly fade out. I was woke up by the elevator chime and noticed how far down in the chair I slid. It felt like I was sleeping for a long time as I sat up and straightened my jacket. The two figures getting off the elevator walk in my direction, I set up further and cross my leg. I can feel I’m being stared at and passing right in front of me, waving her hand at me, was the little girl with her mother from the Auto Shop. Just a smile was the best I could do until I remembered who they were.


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