doll (?)

The building was dark this morning. I turn on the kitchen lights to make coffee and things seem out of place. Others use the kitchen when I’m not there but it’s different today. I get the coffee pot started and stare out the window while it brews. The elevator goes up, someone else is awake. Still staring outside, the sound of someone is behind me. Glancing over my shoulder something catches my eye. I turn around and this doll (?) is on the counter behind me. Crudely made yet thought out and detailed.



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    • The building is a senior community and the majority are African-American. I’ve learned a lot from them and honored they accept me as their friend. I asked about the one in the kitchen and no one knew anything about it, who made it or why it was placed there. Now that there’s 2 of them I have to know where they’re coming from.

      It is very interesting

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