attention seeker

Lately I’ve quit paying attention as much to the other side. I was getting comfortable with “it” and started talking to people and realized why I learned to never talk about “it”. I let things go that I wanted to put on here. Quarters, I’ve found a ridiculous amount in the strangest places but I let it go. Also, I was at the light going to work. On the corner sits a cemetery where they reconstructed the road making the cemetery about 8′ higher than the road with the ground exposed. I would really like to park there some day and walk along the exposed earth with my DVR. Back to my story, I was at the red light waiting to turn right if the traffic cleared, there’s a lot of trucks so it takes time. Being the only one at the light I hear “MIKE!” yelled right beside my car but there wasn’t anyone closer to me than the truck coming up the street. I let that go, too. Until now…

But today, this morning, I get a shower and I’m sitting on the bed and hear something fall on the hard floor at the front door. It was the sound of something BALL_1hard dropping and it bounced once or twice. I get dressed and down stairs, about a foot away from the closet where the tack fell, I found this wooden bingo ball with I-16 on it. BALL_2



I sat it on the shelf where I keep the other things I find, or the things that find me. I go out to run some errands for the week. I bought new furniture so I took the dolly back to work, I stopped to get groceries and went to the car wash. Nothing eventful happened and I didn’t give the Bingo Ball a second thought until I got off the highway to head home.LEAF The ramp was backed up so I got into the turn lane to take the long way around the park to get to my house. At the light I stop to make a right turn. I’m looking to my left to make sure its clear and while I turned I saw this leaf laying on my leg. I laughed to myself and thought, “where the hell did this come from”. I had been driving a straight road for 30 minutes with the windows closed. “Them”, “They”, “It’s”, done this before when I quit paying attention to them. I just never get the meaning of the messages. Two significant signs in one day is rare, just thought I would post it this time.


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  1. Seems not paying attention is getting their attention. 🙂 I could have done with you sitting in one or two physical circles I sat in.. 🙂 We were wanting apports and got none.. 🙂 Does the Number 16 mean anything to you.. Or was it a birthday or anniversary in Autumn?? of someone who past?

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