a cat will find me

At work we use a service called TeleTime to clock in and out. At the end of the day I was in my car warming it up waiting to clock out. I noticed a movement to my left and there’s this cat. He’s just laying in the cold grass, it was only about 39 degree’s out and you can see spotty snow in the grass behind him. I’ve never seen him around here before. I don’t know if this is normal cat behavior or if something meaningful is attached to it. I just found it strange and something I’ve never seen before.



6 responses to “a cat will find me

  1. I think strange behavior is normal for cats. They seem to be rather psychic as well. My kitten jumps on the bathroom vanity, drinks from the faucet, and cleans his face with his paws. He will also turn off the bathroom light when finished (whether I am or not). I’m told he begins pacing about 20 minutes before I come home from work too.

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    • my old cat use to play in the bathtub by himself, sometimes he slept in it. Every morning right before my alarm went off he would sit in front of my face and purr. He would also kneed my injuries. If my back hurt he knew it, or my leg or arm. The one time he didn’t was after I had open heart surgery, he would lay on my left arm with his paw stretched out over my chest.

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