I work at a retirement community. People have passed away here so you can imagine the fun I have when no one’s around. One thing I’ve learned is not to get into a close relationship with them. I’ve also learned to put up a barrier and treat them as a product that makes the company money. It’s difficult and I slip sometimes but I still keep my distance. My superiors said you will get use to them passing away. It must take a lot of practice, the best I can do is hide it on the outside.

On the elevator one day a health care aide said she gets creeped out by walking past the library. If it’s a cloudy day the library is a dark open area. It’s not closed off and to get to the elevator you have to walk past it. I’ve always had the feeling there’s someone sitting there even when it’s empty. I’ve had experiences on the second floor where the library is located but not in the library itself. When she mentioned the library being spooky I jokingly said the entire second floor is haunted. I had to say it like I was joking because I made a room full of elderly ladies flip out when I first brought it up. That’s when she asked about orbs.

I’ve never experienced orbs as they are commercially known. I’ve seen lights, obvious “orb” lights , but not the random floating specks reflecting from a light source. I asked the aide what she saw, in a condescending way. She seemed reluctant to say anything and I didn’t want what happened the last time I was serious about it to happen again. I could tell she wanted to say something so I pointed towards the end of the south hall and asked, “was it down there”. Just as I said that the elevator doors closed, her eyes zoned in on me. “What did you see”, I asked her. “No way did you just say that”, she replied. I asked again what she saw down there and the doors opened on the first floor. She walked me down the hall away from the community room. “I came out of the laundry room and saw a powdery white floating ball come out of the room on the right at the end of the hall. It glided down the wall with the handrail and faded out at the library”. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about that room. I told her I believe her, as she was leaving the building, she looked back and said “We’re not done talking”.

The room she’s talking about was empty for almost a year. The gentleman who lived there fell into the corner of the wall. He laid on his floor for several days before he was found and taken to the hospital, which he never returned. After that, a lady from the third floor moved into the unit. The move must have been too much, she passed away right after she moved in. I would check on the unit once a month while it sat available on the market to make sure it was ready to view at any time. I had several keys with me one day while I was checking up on the building. I walked down the hall towards the room, It was a lot cooler than the rest of the building. The building is always hot to me, they love their heat. At the door I’m looking for the right key, that’s when someone walked behind me. It was enough to make me turn and look, but no one was there. Once inside the apartment It felt like I wasn’t alone. Everything was O.K. and I left looking back to see if anything was behind me. Now I have to tell her this.



12 responses to “Orbs?

  1. You lead an interesting life 🙂 Was sorta surprised by the advice you were given about your job, to treat the people like products. I often believe that people drawn to such work ( like hospice or hospitals, nursing homes, etc) are more enlightened than most.

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    • Treating them like products was my idea, I don’t handle death of others very well. I’ve never been told I had an interesting life before, it’s usually > you need to get a life. But I like it the way it is

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      • I think you have a life, but what you think matters much more. I do not handle death well either, which is why I am good at doing grief counseling for others. This is true. It is interesting that you chose this job then, hmmm. Thanks for showing us more of your view of the other side.

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  2. I worked as an activity director in a nursing home for three years, but never got used to the passing. I did experience many strange and unexplained things while working there.

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  3. I understand as I live in “Senior Housing 55 Over”, Mike I am in my, well up there…I go to a gym three days a week, walk six miles a day and 90% of those who live here seem to believe SENIOR means sit down and wait. Those who know me have come to accept me saying I live in “GOD’S WAITING ROOM”. No disrespect, but it gets to me at times. In my youth I worked in a nursing home. So, I returned to your post today as I am writing about aging and remembered the post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And you do care, I can see it in your post. Have a great day. E

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    • I watch and listen to them. I see what they own and how they care for things and how they treat others. It really make me see life in a different perspective. Most of the residents are African-Americans so I learn a lot about the way they grew up. Also, it’s very nice to meet you 🙂

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