Thursday, my day off. Knowing I can do or not do anything all day, I get up @ 4:30am for no reason. By 5:30am I’m hungry and if I’m fast enough I can run to the store before everyone gets out to go to work. I had a craving for waffles and eggs. I don’t even like eggs that much. The shelf stockers take the place of the aisle people, they take up the entire aisle. I bumped the pallet trying to squeeze through, I didn’t have to I just felt like hitting it with the cart. Being a blatant jackass is fun sometimes. I found a 6 pack of eggs, if that’s what they’re called. Eggo’s would do, too. To go all out I found real butter sold by the stick. I thought 6 eggs and a stick of butter was out dated. It was like I had discovered something new all over again.

The one open cashier line has three people already. I can never figure out why you would stand in line to buy a few items. There were 6 open self-checkout counters. I scan my three things then remember I don’t have syrup but I can see the aisle it’s in. I went total “Walmart Shopper” and left the counter, there wasn’t anyone else around. I wasn’t in Walmart either. I scan my stuff and go.

joker_rs  At home I get the frying pan on before unloading my bag. The computer gets turned on and I’m back to the kitchen to get started. Reaching in to start my morning feast I find a card in the bag, A Joker! I scanned and packed my own bags. No one was near the checkout counter when I went for the syrup. There was no human interaction the entire time (except hitting the pallet). The only thought I had was “What in the fu…”
I put it with my other cards that’s shown up here. None are from the same deck. I don’t know why it’s cards now. What do cards have to do with me? I’ve never played cards, I don’t like playing card games, I just don’t get the association with them and me and it’s only been during the time I’ve moved to my new place.



11 responses to “Joker

  1. Your stories are always amazing. I have enjoyed reading every single one of them.
    Have you looked into the symbolism of a joker or fool ( Tarot) card?
    If I see reoccurring signs happening to me, and if it is not to be interpreted literally, then I search for a metaphorical meaning.


  2. Seems someone is ‘A joker’ Mike.. and enjoys playing the fool at times lol.. I think like Karin.. about the symbolism.. and see you are already going down that route too.. 🙂

    Hope you had a spook free night last evening 🙂

    Have a peaceful Sunday.. Hugs Sue xx

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