Email from Katrina J.

I grew up in Louisiana. Our town had a few shady characters. One was tied to a murder but he still ran free. Oscar would get drunk and bully everyone in town. Even when he was sober we still considered him an a-hole. He was just all bad. Once he drove by and glared at me. It was pure evil the way his eyes were all crazy.

I was walking home from school, the police and ambulance were in front of the property that led to our driveway. A tow truck went by with Oscar’s pick-up on the back. Tim, my neighbor down the street walked towards me. He told me someone shot Oscar point blank right between the eyes. He was parked in our driveway for some reason. His voice was upbeat and I also felt the relief of never having to cross paths with this maniac ever again.

One rainy night I was home watching my shows. The pounding rain was making me tired. I turned off the lights and T.V. as I fell asleep on the couch. The sound of the front door knob turning woke me. A push followed but the door was locked. I turned over to face the door to say hello to my parents who I thought were getting out the keys. A few minutes went by. The light drizzling rain made it hard to keep my eyes open. A shadow passed by the yard light and my eyes opened wide. I’m getting scared now. Frozen in fear I could only stare at the window. The curtains were wide open and I’m lit up by the light coming through. That’s when the shadowy figure of Oscar stood in front of the window. Was it Oscar? I’ve seen him enough to know what he looks like even in an outline. It was a figure I feared, but Oscar died. We locked eyes and I felt pure evil staring me down. I couldn’t move, what was I seeing? Someone playing a cruel joke? I know it was Oscar, I knew him, I knew what he looked like. Why was he here? Why was he killed sitting in our driveway?

Car lights coming up the driveway lit up the front of the house and the figure vanished. I jumped up and turned on all the lights but I couldn’t unlock the door. My parents let themselves in. I told them what just happeOscar2ned but they didn’t see anyone in the yard as they pulled up. They convinced me I was having a nightmare until the next morning. I stood outside of the front door looking around to see if there could be anything that resembled what I saw the night before. I turned to go back inside, that’s when I saw the foot prints in the mud right were Oscar stood watching me.


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