Visit From My Old Cat

Sunday morning the Blue Jay was going crazy outside. I looked at the clock and it was 3:20 am. Even being half asleep I thought it was strange the Blue Jay was making that much noise that early in the morning. I started to fall back to sleep. The bed did a slight bump and I waited to see who was near me. I could feel little paws walking at the foot of my bed. Stinky, my old cat, visits me from time to time even though he was put to sleep several years ago. I could feel him between my ankles kneading my leg. He always put his left paw in front of the right one. I could hear his purr. stink_2Slowly I turned to look at him, trying not to scare him off. He stared back at me. His purr got louder and deeper as he looked straight into my eyes. I could only see his head down to the top of his front shoulders, everything else was just the light from the T.V. I said, β€œHey little buddy, how you been”. He kept kneading and began to lay between my legs. He disappeared into the light and blanket but his purring went on until I fell back to sleep.


9 responses to “Visit From My Old Cat

  1. Great to have our four legged friends visit us like this.. My own cats used to visit often like this after their passing, or I would sense the shadow of one in the hallway . But it was mostly at night just as you have described they would paw and purr.. Often when I needed some TLC they would come.. My old cat in particular who was 21 years old.. xx


  2. This is beautiful. Nice that you get a visit from your buddy even years after he transited. I’ve had several visits of my dog in dream-time. Usually it’s a warning that I am not taking good care of myself/am about to get ill. She has been gone for 20!! years…. but still feels so close. Yet I’ve never felt her ‘walk around’ like that. Pretty awesome.

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