My Phone

My phone kept vibrating all day. It’s only set to vibrate when I get a text but there wasn’t any new texts. Even in my incoming log there wasn’t anything for today. I restarted the phone it but that didn’t do any good. The last time it vibrated I typed in my pass code and a picture flashed before my home screen opened. I opened my picture folder and found the same one that flashed on my screen. I have no idea what this is.



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  1. My phone has been on silent for years it seems. The last time it weren’t, I stared at it ringing and thought someone had left their phone on my desk.

    The picture reminds me of this swimming cap I had when I was little. It never did keep my hair dry and gave me such a headache.

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  2. One of the first times when I thought something ‘eerie’ going on … after I had been told that I had Spirit Guides…was funny things happening around my phones and communication. A message sent that I never wrote (or was it my own short-term amnesia?) … it was never in my ‘sent-box’… but created some turmoil.
    Or another time when we intended to move and some guy called on my husband’s burner cell-phone (that we had just bought, so the number wasn’t listed anywhere) asking about a place to rent. Well, we never had an ad in the paper, not to mention we wouldn’t have used that phonenumber for contact – how on earth could anyone know? But that wasn’t all. Someone just appeared at our door as well – inquring about rental. What the ..? Weird things do happen!


    • At work we’re setting up 2016’s budget. I was setting up contractors for bids. Plumbing is the hardest to budget and you never know who’s going to be reliable at any given time. Good plumbers seem to jump around to different companies so you never know who will be sent out. I’ve used the same 3 for a long time. All the estimators were new people who just took pictures of the work needed then left, they said very little other than they’ll get back with a bid. Tuesday afternoon I walked past the lobby saw someone standing at the security door holding a clipboard. I opened the door and it was one of the plumbers I had used but lost contact with. He didn’t know I worked there and I never contacted him, he just showed up to offer his services and drop off a flyer. His bid arrived Friday morning and as usual he’ll probably get the contract.

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