A Pearl From Nowhere

Early Sunday afternoon and for once I had the TV turned on. As I started to nod off sitting up there was a bump upstairs. My attention was focused on the sound but my eyes were still closed. What ever was on PBS started putting me back into a sleepy haze. Once again I heard the same bump. It sounded like it was in the hall by the bathroom and staircase. As I sat up I thought to myself, “What are they doing now?”. They, meaning the spirits that follow me. I talk to them like they’re my pets. Finding the remote I had sat on I flipped the channel over to the old western channel. Then, in the bathroom, something solid hit the vynal floor and rolled to a stop. Like an angry old guy with kids on his lawn I head up the stairs. Almost to the top as clear as day a female voice said “ ziney neech goot jets”. Turning on the bathroom light I replied “Speak English !!!”. On the floor in front of the cabinet is a pearl. I don’t have pearls or know why it would be in the bathroom. Looking at it closer it looks like an onion shape. Like a cord had entered but never came out. It seems to be a pearl, or pearl shaped and opaque. It’s a strange little white object, that’s my best description.

2015-08-23 14.24.21_rs


2015-08-23 14.26.30_rs


10 responses to “A Pearl From Nowhere

  1. I am wondering what language she speaks.
    If it were German, then “ ziney neech goot jets” would sound close to
    “sind eigentlich gut jetzt”
    meaning “are actually/rather good now”.

    But that is such a short snippet and probably does not make any sense either. I just wanted to let you know.

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    • I also had this come up:

      “…it sounds German so I went to a German~English translation site. I tried to break it down, word by word. Only one, guten, is typically used in a phrase (guten Morgen! or Good morning.) I was able to piece together a phrase nonetheless. It goes. “Sein nicht guten jetzt.” Or, “Be not good now.” Roughly. It sounds as if you were being told that someone was about to be mischievous.”

      My response to that was maybe the jewelry is no good now because it broke?

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