Ball in the Hall

I work in a retirement facility. It’s 3 stories and each floor is around 400′ long with the elevator in the center and windows at each end. The south hall on the second and third floor are the areas I’ve felt and had experienced activity. There’s always a feeling of someone near you in these areas. I’ve heard the voice of a young black male several times. On one occasion I went to a vacant unit to be sure it was ready to move in. As I went to unlock the door something passed behind me. The shadow moved across the door in front of me. I turned and no one was there. In the stairwells located at each end of the building, also on the south end you can hear what sounds like someone hanging out, it echo’s of movement. Humans make noise no matter how quiet they think they are but there’s never anyone.

On each floor I’ve set up storage closets. It gets slow and time drags on during working hours. I keep busy and went around resupplying each closet. At the third floor I got off the elevator and went down the hall towards the closet. In the afternoon the building is eerily quiet. The halls are empty except the sun shining in the windows at each end. I’m inside the closet when I hear a laugh in the hall. It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t enough to make me stop what I’m doing. After getting a list of supplies to refill I turned off the light and closed the door. There, five feet in front of me is a toy ball. It wasn’t there when I walked into the closet. It’s not a large ball but I’m positive I would have noticed it and picked it up.

I took a few pictures to see if anything was around the ball, but there’s nothing as usual. I’ve taken pictures in this hall before when I feel like someone’s there. What I found peculiar was the ball placed exactly in the center of the hallway.

2015-08-12 10.04.43


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