I Met the Spirits in My Sleep?

I’m off work on Thursdays. I took my coffee up to my computer room instead of trying to see how fast I can drink it and get in the shower. Several times I heard whispering and responded by saying “I can’t hear you”. It was three times to be exact. The fan was turned off, the computer volume was muted. It’s really quiet out here at 4:30am. Even the birds are quiet. I didn’t hear the whisper again.

A while later, I came down and made some breakfast. This made me tired, that’s why I don’t eat breakfast. Turning the T.V. down real low I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to sound of my name being whispered right into my ear. My eyes opened wide, no one was here. Looking around the room the clock said it was only 8:10am so I went back to sleep. I don’t remember the beginning of the dream. I think there was a phone call and I was given directions to a house. While looking for the address there was someone with me. We were looking for an all brick house. The one we stopped at had a huge concrete patio. The side of the house faced the street and I walked up the concrete steps to the patio that led to the front door. There an older man stepped out. I didn’t look directly into his face, what I do remember was he had no hair and there were no features to his face. No eyes, no nose, but he wore glasses. A tall large lady, kind of golden in color stood behind him inside the door. Three times the man said something to me. I didn’t understand anything he said. It was either sounds or another language, but they both stared at me waiting for an answer. I told him, “I don’t know what you’re saying”. The lady came around him, she put her arm around my shoulder and turned me away. Everything about her was flowing. Her golden cloths were long and stringy just like her hair. Feeling the touch of her hand on my shoulder I was easily guided anywhere she wanted. Something on the patio was pointed out but I was insignificant at the time. She walked me into her home. The man followed behind us, mumbling. It was like I was the only one that didn’t understand him.

Inside the house it was dark except for the living room being lit up from the light coming in from the front storm door. There was a lot of clutter. Looking in from the front door there was a gold color recliner the furthest back inside you could see. That was her seat. In her loud voice she was speaking but, again, nothing I could understand. To the right of me was my couch. It was like it was suppose to be there but it sat in front of the fireplace. I pointed at the fireplace and asked what it was. Again, the touch of her hand from across the room turned me away from the fireplace. She said it was just a box. She guided me onto the couch. I sat down and looked toward her. She sat in front of me to the right, behind her was total darkness. As I looked around the room to the left in front of me it began to turn into a complete blur. This is where the man was seated. I could make out his shape in front of the also blurry living room window. Directly to my left was the front door. I could see out into the sunny day it had turned into. The couple began to talk in a monotone. I fell asleep on my couch I was sitting on in their house while listening to them. It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when she woke me up and told me it was nice to have met me. I told her I fell asleep listening to them. She said, “I’m glad you felt relaxed enough to sleep here.” She walked me out of her home, again pointing out something insignificant on the patio and I walked down the concrete steps.

Fade into awakening. I sat up, my first thought was that it was too real. Once again I looked at the clock. What I thought was only a few minutes from the last time I woke up, the clock said 12:30pm.


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