Early Morning

Around 1:30 am I woke up for no reason. Thursday is my day off so I decided to stay up a while. It’s so quiet here, even more so at night. I came back into my computer room. This is where I can empty my thoughts. I decided to work on a drawing. The eerie quiet at this time of night is relaxing but unnerving. Certain sounds can be several causes. Listening harder I went into my zone. My breathing slowed, my heart rate slowed, and my eyes got heavy. Soon I was into spirits conversation, something I’ve learned to ignore. At this time of morning they really are active. There’s a lot of conversation going on. I can hear the dominant female although she’s muffled by the rest. Someone wants me to know about the small town I grew up in. They’re filling me in but I can’t tell who this is. A few friends I knew way back then have passed away recently, but all together there’s been a lot of friends that have. No one sticks out as the main informer.

Wikipedia explains “The Witching Hour” as: “the time of night (3:00-4:00 am is commonly speculated) when creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful and black magic to be most effective.” I’ve met a few Wiccans but never the evilly portrayed witches as seen on T.V. I’ve never met a demon, but I’m thinking people with black cloudy auras are as close as I’ll ever get. But the ghosts/spirits are very much active. I’ve never encountered anything that’s given me the impression as evil or demonic. They just want attention.

It’s 3:40 am now. I might make a coffee and watch the sun come up. It’s been raining the last two days but the weather radar shows clear skies. Looking out the window I see stars, so I might see the sun. For now, I will sit here, quietly, listening to the sounds of the spirit voices.


8 responses to “Early Morning

  1. Thanks for sharing, Mike. Your stories are always amazing. I am so glad that you are sharing here.
    3-4 am is an hour where I wake up frequently and get vivid dreams with messages just before. Or where I cannot fall asleep and and meditate. Sometimes I receive answers to questions in that silent hour.
    I never bother to get up, though. I just stay in bed and meditate, even if it is for 2 hours.
    I have heard of people who can channel . Some of them also report that this early morning hour is preferred by spirit for broadcasts.

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  2. *biggest grin* Why Mike, I do believe ‘they’ know you know ‘they’ are there. I agree; there isn’t anything malevolent happening around you, just those that want to have your attention. It’s almost likened to little kids who are saying, “Hi, hey, me, me, I have to talk!” Cher xo

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