Metered Books

Yesterday afternoon I set my books back up. They put off an odor of smoke, like a fireplace smell. The shelf sits behind me to the left of the couch. That evening it just felt like someone was standing behind me the entire time.meteredbooks I went upstairs and brought down my EMF Reader and DVR. I set the Voice Recorder on the shelves and turned it on several times. I asked them to talk to me. Nothing happened. I had the EMF Reader on the coffee table in front of me and nothing was going on until I picked it up and walked towards the bookshelf. It went crazy! I turned on the DVR and followed the EMF signals. First it stopped at the chair then moved towards the books. I turned around with the EMF Reader but it only went off in front of the books on the upper shelf. The shelf with the book “Budgetary Control”.

(I have pictures of the EMF going off, I really need a camcorder. But if you listen to the DVR you can hear the EMF beeping, it’s not like I’ve wired the lights to stay on for a picture. I’ll upload the DVR recording as soon as my cable comes in.)


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