Drawing Attention – Capture

First off, sorry about the two posts in one day. It’s annoying to be flooded by over-posters. Here’s the second part of the last story “Drawing Attention”. I started applying color to my drawing. Within five minutes I get this strong odor of what smelled like bleach. I got my camera out and turned on the EMF and DVR. Something was going to happen. I waited a few minutes and went back to what I was doing. Then the EMF reader light flashed but didn’t beep. I grabbed the camera and then BAM, it’s beeping and flashing. I’m taking pictures all around me. After that I get an epiphany (a moment of sudden revelation or insight) I need a faster camera and a video cam! I did take video the other night but it played back really grainy and killed my battery in 20 minutes. Unless that’s normal. It was a $300 camera in 2008. My tablet does video, I could try that.

But here are the few photo’s that didn’t turn out blurry from me waving the camera around flashing it. I did get the EMF reader going off. Nothing showed up in the photo’s I took around me. That’s pretty normal, rarely do I get a picture of anything. Also, I was paying more attention to all my new toys sitting around me. After putting the colors on my new drawing I realized it was one of the practice copies I made so I don’t screw up the original. That was 4 hours of thinking I’m almost done and now I have to do it again. Lastly, the DVR was too close to the air conditioner. It’s nothing but the sound of a motor running.

#1. the EMF Reader going off.


#2 my front right


#3 my left front


#4 directly left of me where Male #1 makes his presence. at the bottom of the picture, the white paper. That’s the original drawing I mixed up with the copies.



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