The Book

At work they have a community room. At times people will set things out they no longer want. Once in a while something catches my attention and I’ll go over and look. This time it was books. Older business books. Basic reference type. There are at least 15 to 20 in the small collection and it was numerically complete. I boxed them up and threw them in my car. After work I get in my car and all the windows were steamed up inside. It was like people just got done making out, and it had the same funk in the air. Just a sweaty stinky stank in my car. An open window and defrost got me home.

These books fit perfectly on a ladder shelf I had bought but had no use for. So it’s a bookshelf now. I wiped off each book while I anal retentively positioned them perfectly square, level and plumb on the 2 bottom shelves. The shelf isn’t in a traffic pattern. It’s out of the way and not easily bumped into by accident. I started noticing the first book on the top shelf would be raised higher. I fixed it a few times before figuring out it keeps doing it. The books aren’t wedged in tight, there’s no bolts or screws that could cause any problems. While I was watching movies one night I heard what sounded like paper rubbing together. The sound had my full attention. It was close by me. I turned my head and shut off everything in my head. Nothing happened after that. The movie I was watching was over, I turned off my HTPC and grabbed my phone and headed upstairs. There was the book, sticking up higher than the rest. That was the sound I heard. I took a picture of it to use as another story on here. I put the book back in place and squared them up. When I started walking towards the steps the book started moving right in front of me. I clicked on my phone’s camera and caught the book as it moved up.

Oddly, the book is titled “Budgetary Control”

This is the first picture when I figured out the sound I heard was the book moving up.


This is the actual book moving up as I walked away just after I put it back in place.



15 responses to “The Book

  1. I always love your stories, Mike. So eerie and out of the ordinary.

    When I experience something like this, there are usually messages contained for me
    Sometimes events have literal, sometimes metaphorical meaning.
    I always wonder how it is for you.
    Did the card with the king have personal message for you?
    Does this book have a message for you?

    Maybe there is a connection between one of your inivisible guests and this book?


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