I thought Ghost Hunting was theatrical. The shows and videos I’ve watched made it seem like it’s easy to find something anywhere and only late at night. Some even brought their religious system into it and some thought everything was evil or demonic. I’ve never experience anything evil, religious or benevolent at any specific time. I was scratched a few times. It felt more like an attention getter than anything wanting to hurt me. One thing all these shows have in common are a few tools. Just to see for myself if there’s any validity the gear they carry I picked up a few items. They arrived this morning (thanks UPS for waking me up on my day off) and I was laughing at my purchase while opening the boxes. One is a Digital Voice Recorder, the other is an EMF reader. I don’t expect anything to come from these that’s out of the ordinary. At least Β I can find another use for the DVR.



5 responses to “Gear

    • know what I found out so far? My ceiling fan puts off a signal. πŸ˜›
      i’m sure my new toys will prove nothing more than they are cheap gadgets meant to entertain.

      When I speak to them it’s usually a statement such as: “you’re loud tonight” or when they say my name I’ll answer “what?”

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