The House I Grew Up In pt. 7

The Chair

circa 1979:

  There was a chair in our Living Room, it was positioned between the front door and window. A swivel rocking chair. I would sit there and watch people go by or if I was waiting on someone to pick me up. The Living Room was for looks, mostly. It was Mom’s room. It reminded me of an outdoor garden. Green carpet, a large flower patterned couch. Light blue walls and big dark tables. It was really cool if you understood it. The room always had total silence to it.

  I was home from school that day. Just me and the dog. She was in my room for some reason. It was rare for her to hang out with me because I tormented the poor girl. Normally she would be in the Living Room waiting for someone to come home. She wanted something. I asked her if she wanted to go out. That didn’t get her excited. She just sat there on her tail. Only the tip of her tail wagged. I ignored her and she laid down facing the door.

  After a while, I went downstairs to sit in the chair and do the worst thing you could do. Eat in it! A bowl of soup and peanut butter sandwiches. I made room on the end table, bringing things in one at a time. Our dog would usually be right beside me in the kitchen waiting for a handout. The entire time she sat at the bottom of the steps. I remember walking past her acting strange and saying, “What are you doing?” as I headed to the chair. I went to sit down, it felt like I just sat on the dog so I jumped back up and said “Dammit Dog”. She was still at the bottom of the steps 8′ away. The chair swivels to my right on its own. A swirling air mist, like a slow-moving dust devil hovered and headed towards the stairs. The dog moved so fast to get out of the way you could hear her claws in the carpet. Everything stopped at the stairs going up to the bedrooms. I looked at the dog. She had her head lowered looking straight ahead then glancing at me without moving her head. She didn’t bark or act protective, it seemed like she’s done this before.stairs_Ae


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