Unweathered King

Thursday morning I’m at work. I get there early just to sink into my surroundings. king_2bSometimes I fall asleep waiting but I always clock in on time. At 8:18am I hear “Michael”. It was enough to make me look over at the doors. It was as plain as day, like someone was standing 6′ from me but no one was there. It was no big deal but I kept thinking about it all day, just because of how real it sounded.
It’s cold and raining on my way home. I’m tired and just want to get warm and dry. My name being yelled kept running through my mind. I walked in the grass to get to the back door. My feet and pants get soaked, I’m muddy but it was closer. At the back porch I found a card. It was dry and unweathered. It looked like it had just been placed there. Everything around it was wet.I rarely find playing cards and even rarer that I’ll pick one up. This was completely out of place and I don’t know what it means.


2 responses to “Unweathered King

  1. In cartomancy, the King of clubs has the meaning of good character and loyalty and the realization of ideals. The card is said to be one who has great power, but one who is not aware of this, and is outwardly cheerful but inwardly reserved….that’s what I found in wiki. Take it or leave it 🙂

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