No One Told Us

I was woke up this morning at 3:07 am. My foot was bumped. Who can sleep through a foot bump? Where they coming back? I sat up hoping something would happen. There’s never been a period of complete silence or absence of activity before. I started to fall back asleep sitting up. The distinct voice of the dominant female says “wo gee wein”, or that’s what it sounded like. I think she’s German or talks backwards. I opened my eyes. I started feeling crazy in all the silence but felt better knowing they came back. After a while the first dominant male, who I thought left forever, mumbled “no one told us what to do”. Her answer, “nists”. They seemed to be worried and unsure.
The conversation stopped but the presence was still there. I’m wondering if they arrived at their new place in life and the journey stopped. Abandoned, they’ve gathered as a group with the only thing in common. Me…



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