Auto Shop

I’ve been getting prices to get my brakes repaired. They’re not bad yet, but I don’t want to wait for them to go out to get them fixed. Finally, I found a 5 star rated garage. The ratings seemed genuine. They weren’t all from a few months of one year, they were spread out over a few years. The mechanics told me what I wanted to hear and I decided to go with them. Front pads and rotors, he said would take two hours and they can start it now. I said O.K.

It was an old building in Franklinton (The Bottoms) I had the entire waiting room to myself and fell asleep listening to all the sounds. The rain hitting the metal overhang made it even harder to stay awake. Then BAMM!!! The front door swings open. In walks a lady with her young daughter. I sat up. As the lady and the counter guy went about their business this little girl stood behind her mother. Looking around her, staring at me. I thought, “Oh great, a loud kid to get on my nerves for the next few hours”.

We settled back into our waiting chairs. They whispered over there. I couldn’t hear but I tried to. Slowly I started dozing off again. The counter guy is yammering on the phone, the lady and daughter are whispering things and the mechanics are working. The room is open and everything is visible. I have my face down inside my coat, my legs are crossed, I’m awake but I don’t want to talk. I started smelling burning wet wood. It smelled like it had just been put out. Then, my legs get knocked apart. It felt exactly like a large dog had run into me as it ran past. I sat up and looked to my right. That’s the direction I felt the motion going. I looked at the old table holding the magazines. No one else is paying any attention. To them nothing had just happened. The little girl comes across the room and crouches in front of the table and said, “ it’s gone, where did it go”?

Auto Shop


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