Wake Up

This morning around 3:30am I was woke up by the sound of my belt buckle. The faint “clink” was enough to wake me and make me sit up. Nothing was there. I stayed up for a while but had the feeling I had to do something or someone was near me. There’s no mind chatter either, which is rare at that time in the morning. I finally went back to bed. At exactly 7:45am I’m woke up a second time.bed My blanket is tugged behind me and I hear “David” said close to my ear. Sitting up I said “I hear you”, my usual response. Nothing. David is my middle name. No one calls me that except my family and people where I grew up. Downstairs making coffee, my new stray cat friend is also screaming outside my front door. He’s never been so loud before. I open the door to greet him and he’s not there. I’m finishing my coffee as I type this. There’s still the feeling I have a visitor with me today.



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