Flickering Life

I work around the elderly. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m not in the medical field and I can’t see how they deal with death. I try to keep a distant integration between my job and personal life. It’s hard to do when you’ve gained the trust of people who have no other contact with anyone else. I’m not the friendliest person. There’s no one I hang out with on a regular basis. Except, I see these “friends” every day. I go out of my way to help them. I’ve picked them up off the floor after they’ve fallen. If they ask for a little extra something, I’ll go out of my way to get it for them. I had to learn how to think like this. It’s a good thing.

I walked the halls the other day. A hallway light was flickering off and on up in the ceiling. It was a flickering that catches your attention. A beacon. You notice it and go on. Yesterday as I was leaving, it had completely gone out. This morning I get a text. A lady who I felt was an honor and a challenge to be my friend had passed away. The light that had gone out was the light outside her door.

FlickeringLight copy


8 responses to “Flickering Life

  1. Such a sad and moving piece Mike, I have worked in the medical field and it is a thin line between swallowed up with concern or detached. Thank you for the piece , it reminds us how fragile life is and how much we need one another.

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  2. They said I would get use to it. I guess I’m not like that. One of the elder men was sitting alone looking out the window. Not wanting to interrupt his moment i sat in the other grouped furniture. He just turned and said “I don’t like to see them dead. I won’t go to a funeral. That’s not how I want to remember my friends.” He turned and looked back out the window. Outside he wasn’t crying but you could tell. He misses Ms. “A”, I quietly left him to his memories…


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